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Recent Posts

Folk Music as a Fermenting Agent for Composition, Past and Present

Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

in collaboration with

Sigismund Toduţă Doctoral School and the Association of the Composers and




is pleased to announce the Symposium


Folk Music as a Fermenting Agent  for Composition,

Past and Present


hosted by Gheorghe Dima Music Academy on April 27, 2017 and coordinated by musicologist Bianca Ţiplea Temes.

The event is organized within the “Cluj Modern” Festival and features an exciting line-up of contributors, aiming to provide a forum for a dialogue among scholars from various musical standpoints.



 Session 1:   In Bartók’s Wake


William Kinderman (Illinois University) – keynote speaker

Béla Bartók’s Idea of “Idealized Folk Music”: A Community of Peoples “despite all war and strife” 


Vikárius László (Budapest Bartók Archives, Institute for Musicology, Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music)

Bartók’s Credo: Editing Cantata Profana for the Béla Bartók Complete Critical Edition


István G. Németh (Institute for Musicology, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest)

‘Verbunkos’, Béla Bartók, and Adrian Pop: A Hidden History of Folk Musical Influence


Dan Variu (Gh. Dima Music Academy Cluj-Napoca)

(Pan)Cultural Interference as a Compositional Tool


Pavel Puşcaş (Gh. Dima Music Academy Cluj-Napoca)

Archetype and/or Sonorous Substance


Bianca Ţiplea Temeş (Gh. Dima Music Academy Cluj-Napoca)

Modern Tapestry from Vintage Fabrics: Colindă Baladă by György Kurtág


Session 2:    Folk music worldwide


Feza Tansuğ  (Istanbul)

The Humanely Unison: Beethoven’s Turkish Source of Inspiration in His Chorus of Dervishes


Javier Suárez-Pajares (Universidad Complutense Madrid)

“Folk Traditions and Sources in the Guitar Works of Julián Arcas (1832-1882) and His Contemporaries”


Belén Pérez Castillo (Universidad Complutense Madrid)

From Conflict to Normalization: Two Approaches to the Basque Folk Heritage from the Spanish Concert Music


Nicolae Gheorghiţă (National University of Music Bucharest)

In the Service of Propaganda: Aesthetic Discourses and Musical Genres in the Music of the Romanian People’s Army


Ioan Haplea  (Gh. Dima Music Academy Cluj-Napoca)

Ratios and Proportions in Folklore and in Several Works of Cristian Misievici. The Issue of Privileged Locations in Anonymous and in Cultured Musical Speech


Adrian Pop (Gh. Dima Music Academy Cluj-Napoca)

Did George Enescu Know Romanian Folklore?

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