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The University of Aveiro, through its Centre for Jazz Studies (CEJ-UA) and in cooperation with INET-md (Instituto de Etnomusicologia – Centro de Estudos em Music e Dança) will be hosting, between 8th and 9th of November 2013, JAZZ TALKS: 1st University of Aveiro International Jazz Conference – Portugal, under the topic “Jazz Messengers: The Role of Jazz Promoters in Europe”. This event is part of a research project entitled Jazz Messengers: The Role of Jazz Promoters in Portugal in the 20th Century, presently in progress at the University of Aveiro.

The presence of jazz in Europe, which emerges around World War I, develops through a process of acquisition of a territory of listening and fruition of music within a strongly polarized cultural landscape, between Art and popular cultures. The unfamiliarity of this music in Europe – frequently associated with dance and ideas of liberation and modernity within an African-American frame – has transformed jazz into an ambivalent emotional and musical place, rejected by some and desired by others. The process of implementation of jazz music would culminate in the emergence of European musicians and composers. In this context, jazz promoters have proved particularly relevant, taking steps towards the promotion and dissemination of the new American music throughout the European continent. Making use of the available mass media of their time (periodic press, radio, television, cinema and internet), as well as through associative and expository activities (jazz festivals, conferences, phonographic sessions), these individuals have undertaken countless actions, frequently challenging adverse moral standards and political ideologies, and even facing explicit oppression. In some cases their legacy is still visible today, in the institutions, written works or radio shows that they have produced or founded. The study of the role of jazz promoters allows us to make justice to their actions and better understand the presence of jazz in Europe up until today.

The organizing committee welcomes proposals for participation within the conference’s topic. Proposals should be written in English with a maximum of 2000 characters, including spaces (about 300 words) and sent by completing the form available on this website (submissions). The deadline for submissions is July 20th 2013. Participation may take the form of a paper, a panel or a poster. Presentations of documentary films are also welcome.

For further information, please contact ssardo@ua.pt or rpo@ua.pt.


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About PCravinho

Pedro Cravinho (Portugal), Postgraduate Researcher at the Centre for Jazz Studies and Institute of Ethnomusicology – University of Aveiro. Pedro Cravinho, born in Barreiro, Portugal in 1968, is a double bass player, musicologist and a researcher in the area of jazz studies and ethnomusicology. Cravinho is a member of the International Society for Jazz Research and belongs to the Centre for Jazz Studies at the University of Aveiro. His researches interests include Portuguese jazz history, jazz in television, and jazz and politics, particularly the relation between jazz and the political/social movements in Portugal during the Salazar’s Estado Novo (New State) regime. Currently conducts postgraduate research that explores the intersection of jazz with television, and politics in Portugal. Cravinho is also a team member of the project “Jazz Messengers: The Reception of Jazz and its Promoters in Portugal, during the XXth century” on course at the Institute of Ethnomusicology - University of Aveiro, supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. He also teaches Jazz in Portugal course in the same institution. Recently Cravinho has published “A MÚSICA AGORA É O JAZZ: O Jazz como palco de resistência em Portugal, entre 1971 e 1973” in Música Discurso Poder (2012).

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