Conferences in musicology

I am happy to receive information to be included on this page about conferences in any language, anywhere in the world: please make a submission by following the instructions here. Once your submission has been moderated it will be published on the site. Calls for papers and other information about forthcoming conferences in musicology and in related disciplines can be found either at this site, which is maintained by J. P. E. Harper-Scott (email), or via links to other sites. A full archive of Golden Pages conference announcements is available here. For other sites listing conferences, see details at the bottom of this page.

List of forthcoming conferences

  1. Postmodernity’s Musical Pasts: Rediscoveries and Revivals after 1945, New York, March 2015
  2. Intertextuality in Music since 1900, Lisbon, March 2015
  3. International Conference on the Multimodal Experience of Music, Sheffield, March 2015
  4. Women in Music since 1913, Liverpool, March 2015
  5. Compositional Sketches Study Day, Guildford, March 2015
  6. Current Musicology 50th Anniversary Conference, New York, March 2015
  7. Authorship in Music, Oxford, March 2015
  8. Facing the Music of Medieval England, Huddersfield, March 2015
  9. Workshop: Editing and Reconstructing the Baldwin Partbooks, Oxford, March 2015
  10. Music under German Occupation, 1938 -1945: Complicity and Resistance, Manchester, March–April 2015
  11. 2nd International Conference on Music and Consciousness, Oxford, April 2015
  12. Musical biography: National ideology, Narrative technique, and the Nature of myth, London, April 2015
  13. 2nd International Students’ Scientific Conference: The Sound Ambiguity, Wrocław, Poland, April 2015
  14. Modernist Musics and Political Aesthetics, Nottingham, April 2015
  15. The State We’re In: Directions in Researching post-1900 British Music, Guildford, April 2015
  16. Popular Music Fandom and the Public Sphere, Chester, April 2015
  17. Musica Scotica – Tenth Annual Conference, Glasgow, April 2015
  18. Understanding audiences for the contemporary arts, Sheffield, April 2015
  19. Musical Transitions to European Colonialism in India and the Malay World, London, April 2015
  20. 6th International Musicological Student Conference-Competition, Tbilisi, Georgia, April 2015
  21. Language, Music and Computing, St Petersburg, April 2015
  22. Music from the perspective of globalization, Poznań, April 2015
  23. Ludo 2015, Utrecht, April 2015
  24. Mapping the post-Tridentine motet (ca. 1560-ca. 1610): Text, style and performance, Nottingham, April 2015
  25. 2nd RMA MPSG Workshop on Philosophy of Human+Computer Music, Sheffield, 27 May 2015
  26. MVSA Conference May 2015 – Victorian Sense and the Senses, Iowa City, USA, May 2015
  27. 2015 Conference of the Historical Keyboard Society of North America (HKSNA): French Connections – Networks of Influence and Modes of Transmission of French Baroque Keyboard Music, Montreal, May 2015
  28. City of Light: Paris 1900-1950, London, May 2015
  29. The Music Encoding Conference, Florence, May 2015
  30. The 10th International Scientific Conference Music Science Today: the permanent and the changeable, Daugavpils, Latvia, May 2015
  31. Interpretationsforschung – Musical Performance with Reference to Historical Texts and Sound Documents, Bern, May 2015
  32. TENOR 2015: First International Conference on New Technologies for Music Notation and Representation, Paris, May 2015
  33. Music and Mobilities, Oxford, May 2015
  34. Taking British Music(s) Abroad: Soundscapes of the Imperial Message, London, 16 June 2015
  35. Over and Over Exploring repetition in popular music, Liege, June 2015
  36. Mikis Theodorakis: poésie, musique et politique, Paris, June 2015
  37. Thirteenth Annual Plenary Conference of the Society for Musicology in Ireland, Cork, June 2015
  38. (re)storing performance – The Feldenkrais Method and Creative Practice, Bath, June 2015
  39. The Art and Science of Improvisation, Stord, Norway, June 2015
  40. Psallite Domino: Sacred Music and Liturgical Reform after Vatican II, Liverpool, June 2015
  41. Musiconis Conference, Chartres, June 2015
  42. PERFORMA 2015 – Conference on Musical Performance, Aveiro, Portugal, June 2015
  43. Listening Cinematically, Egham, June 2015
  44. Study Day on Computer Simulation of Musical Creativity, Huddersfield, June 2015
  45. Magnified & Sanctified: The Music of Jewish Prayer, Leeds, June 2015
  46. The Serenata and the Festa Teatrale in 18th Century Europe, Queluz, Portugal, June 2015
  47. Sixth International Symposium on Music /Sonic Art: Practices and Theories, Karlsruhe, Germany, June 2015
  48. Arrangements, Performance and the Work Concept 1700-1900, London, June 2015
  49. IAML/IMS New York 2015 “Music Research in the Digital Age”, New York, June 2015
  50. Mikis Theodorakis: poésie, musique et politique/ Mikis Theodorakis: Poetry, Music, and Politics, Paris, 18–20 June 2015
  51. Performing Brahms in the Twenty-first Century, Leeds, June–July 2015
  52. 2015 International Music Analysis Conference (KeeleMAC) and Postgraduate Summer School, Keele, July 2015
  53. RMA Music and Philosophy Study Group Conference, London, 17–18 July 2015
  54. 3º Congresso Brasileiro de Iconografia Musical, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, 20–24 July 2015
  55. Sacred Songs: Religion, Spirituality and the Divine in Popular Music Culture, London, 30 July 2015
  56. Sound Studies: Art, Experience, Politics, Cambridge, July 2015
  57. Music in Transition: Changing Styles and Approaches in the Mid-Baroque (1650-1710), Birmingham, July 2015
  58. Ninth Annual Congress of the South African Society for Research in Music (SASRIM), Cape Town, 16-18 July 2015
  59. Keele Music Analysis Conference, Keele, July 2015
  60. International Conference on Music, Intertextuality, and Inter-Art Forms in Third Republic France: Remembering Paul Dukas at 150, Maynooth, Ireland, July 2015
  61. Napoleon’s Last Stand:Popular Reactions and State Responses to the One Hundred Days, Warwick, July 2015
  62. Audio-Visual Archives Conference, London, July 2015
  63. Exploring the Romantic Piano Concerto, Dublin, July 2015
  64. SMA Music Analysis Summer School, Keele, July 2015
  65. Voices and Books 1500-1800, Newcastle, July 2015
  66. 2nd International Conference of Dalcroze Studies, Vienna, July 2015
  67. 10th Biennial International Conference on Music in 19th-Century Britain, Glasgow, July 2015
  68. Seventeenth Nordic Musicological Congress, Aalborg, Denmark, August 2015
  69. Petrus Alamire – New Perspectives on Polyphony, Antwerp, August 2015
  70. Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives, Oxford, August 2015
  71. Music and the Nordic Breakthrough: Sibelius/Nielsen/Glazunov 2015, Oxford, August–September 2015
  72. FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD: Music and Politics, Utrecht, 6–8 September 2015
  73. Royal Musical Association Annual Conference, Birmingham, 9–11 September 2015
  74. Minimalism Unbounded! The Fifth International Conference on Minimalist Music, Turku and Helsinki, 24–27 September 2015
  75. Working on Composers’ Collected Works, St Petersburg, September 2015
  76. Between Universal and Local: From Modernism to Postmodernism, Ljubljana, September 2015
  77. Musical Legacies of State Socialism: Revisiting Narratives about Post-World War II Europe, Belgrade, September 2015
  78. Musical Instruments in Science and History, Cambridge, September 2015
  79. SysMus15 – 8th International Conference of Students of Systematic Musicology, Leipzig, September 2015
  80. Ninth Biennial International Conference on Music Since 1900, Glasgow, September 2015
  81. Tracking the Creative Process in Music, Paris, October 2015
  82. Jewishness & the Arts: Music and Composers in Nineteenth-Century Europe, Rome, October 2015
  83. North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, Sydney, NS, Canada, October 2015
  84. The Staatskapelle Berlin at 450 – A Review, Berlin, October 2015
  85. Organized Time. Fifteenth Annual Congress of the Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie (GMTH), Berlin, October 2015
  86. Musical Dialogues: 38th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia, Sydney, October 2015
  87. Listening to Music: People, Practices and Experiences, London, October 2015
  88. The Loder family of Bath: Music and culture in provincial Britain in the long nineteenth century, Bath, October 2015
  89. The «théâtre musical léger» in Europe: From the Operetta to the Music-hall, Lucca, Italy, October 2015
  90. Gabriel Fauré: Effable and Ineffable, Seattle, October 2015
  91. 15th International conference ‘Principles of Music Composing: Phenomenon of Melody’, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 2015
  92. The European Salon: Nineteenth-Century Salonmusik, Maynooth, Ireland, October 2015
  93. Musical Modernity, the Beautiful and the Sublime, Aberdeen, 30–31 October 2015
  94. XXII Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Musicology, Perugia, Italy, October–November 2015
  95. What does democracy sound like? Actors, Institutions – Practices, Discourses, Paris, 5–7 November 2015
  96. #STRAYHORN2.0: An Interdisciplinary Symposium Celebrating the Centennial of Billy Strayhorn, Cleveland, Ohio, US, 20–21 November 2015
  97. Nineteenth-Century Music Criticism, Lucca, Italy, November 2015
  98. War of Media – Media of War, Vienna, November 2015
  99. Handel and His Eighteenth-Century Performers, London, November 2015
  100. Popular Music and Public Diplomacy, Dortmund, Germany, November 2015
  101. Clementi and the British Musical Scene: 1780-1830, Lucca, Italy, November 2015
  102. Philippe de Vitry: An International Symposium, New Haven, CT, USA, November 2015
  103. Exoticism, orientalism and national identity in musical theatre. International musicological conference on the centenary of the death of Karl Goldmark, Budapest, December 2015
  104. British Forum for Ethnomusicology / Royal Musical Association Research Students Conference, Bangor, January 2016
  105. German Song Onstage 1770-1914, London, February 2016
  106. Performance Studies Network Fourth International Conference, Bath, July 2016
  107. Royal Musical Association Annual Conference 2016, London, September 2016
  108. ESCOM 2017, Ghent, Belgium, 31 July–5 August 2017
  109. Royal Musical Association Annual Conference 2017, Liverpool, September 2017

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