‘Off the Staves’: Postgraduate Conference on Music Notation

Call for papers


‘Off the Staves: Writing Music Before and After Conventional Notation’



Call for papers, ‘Off the Staves: Writing Music Before and After Conventional Notation’

Bangor University, Wales

26-27 March 2010



New deadline for call for papers: 31 January 2010


To be submitted to George Athanasopoulos & Elina Hamilton at offthestaves@gmail.com


The aim of the conference is to provide a better understanding and conceptualization of western music notation before and after the period of common practice. The observation of striking similarities in visual appearance between the earliest forms of western standard notation and some forms of experimental graphic notation from the mid 20th century was the first step in acknowledging a new field of exploration for young researchers.
The event aims to provide a supportive and friendly environment in which postgraduates can gain experience in presenting their work and meet fellow researchers. Having this as a basis, the ultimate objective is to break new ground not only in investigating a widely significant, yet little understood topic, but also to bring together experts (musicologists, composers and performers) who are often separated within their respective fields of knowledge. Live performances during the conference will enhance and allow for an immediate testing ground of discussions centered on the topic of innovative notations.  For more information on keynote speakers, workshops and performances, refer to www.offthestaves.co.uk.