International Conference on Music in Russia and the Soviet Union: Reappraisal and Rediscovery

International Conference on Music in Russia and the Soviet Union:


Reappraisal and Rediscovery


Music Department, University of Durham, England, 11-14 July 2011




Keynote speakers: Marina Rakhmanova (Glinka Museum, Moscow), Marina Frolova-Walker (University of Cambridge), Richard Taruskin (UC, Berkeley)




Building on the important work previously carried out by Soviet and Western researchers, recent publications — many of them drawing on archival materials that remained inaccessible until glasnost’ and perestroika — have profoundly enriched our understanding of Russia’s rich musical culture.  Whether offering fresh perspectives on the careers and creative achievements of prominent composers and performers, examining the role and development of key cultural institutions, shedding light on previously neglected periods and repertoires, or advocating new critical approaches and methodologies (often in dialogue with other disciplines), the study of Russian music has come to occupy a more prominent place within Western musicology as a whole.




The present conference aims to provide an opportunity to take stock of the current state of our knowledge of Russian music (in both Russia itself and in the West) and to bring into clearer focus those areas in which it is very incomplete, as well as reflect on the dominant issues that have emerged.   It is intentionally broad in scope to enable the representation of widest possible range of research interests.  Proposals are invited for individual papers, lecture-recitals and panels on topics pertaining to Russian/Soviet music of all historical periods, including folk musics and popular musics.  The conference committee is particularly interested in receiving paper proposals on subjects that have received little attention in English-language scholarship to date and which may have potentially significant implications for the development of the subject area.




All proposals should be submitted no later than Monday 6 December 2010 by email to Dr Patrick Zuk (, who will also be happy to assist with informal enquiries.   The working languages of the conference will be English and Russian.  For more detailed information, please visit