ORPHEUS RESEARCH CENTRE IN MUSIC [ORCiM] RESEARCH FESTIVAL 2010– showcase of research in-and-through musical practice

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RESEARCH FESTIVAL 2010– showcase of research in-and-through musical practice

15-17 SEPTEMBER 2010, Ghent, Belgium




A total of almost two years’ intensive research in-and-through musical practice by the members of the Orpheus Research Centre in Music [ORCiM] culminates in the second ORCiM Festival of research, music and ideas.  Through performances, presentations, talks and two public concerts, Research Fellows from ORCiM as well as guest speakers will share aspects of their cutting-edge insights. Besides offering valuable inspiration to musician-scholars keen to experience the fresh understanding and new questions that artistic research generates, the Festival will set out the future directions for ORCiM.



The unifying theme for the 2010 edition of the ORCiM festival is ‘unexpected variations’.


Variation, as a concept as well as a form, is widely dispersed and deeply embedded in artistic practice: it relates explicitly or implicitly to concepts such as ‘difference’, ‘innovation’ and ‘identity’ – all crucial to, and typical of, artistic expression. It is the qualifying ‘unexpected’ in the title of the ORCiM-festival which points to the new opportunities and impulses for musicians that present themselves through the emerging field of artistic research and in the discipline-specific research environment that is supporting it.


The ORCiM festival 2010 will feature several compositions that reflect the variation principle, ranging from Beethoven’s well-known Diabelli Variations to new work by composers such as Henrik Frisk, Juan Parra, William Brooks and others. In each case, conceptual and embodied understandings will be explored in terms of how they interact with sounding materials and lead to unexpected possibilities.



Towards a performance of Alfred Schnittke’s second piano sonata

From hermeneutics to eroticism in artistic research

On different modalities of a musician’s listening

For prepared pianist: meeting the challenge of programming Cage’s prepared piano pieces

Expert learning and problem solving: connecting the artist’s musical thoughts and behaviour

On the subject of authorship

Gilles Deleuze-Helmut Lachenmann: the conditions of creation and the Haecceity of music material

On the distinction between ‘test’ and ‘experiment’

Variations on Score Calendar by Allan Kaprow

On Alvin Lucier’s ‘I’m sitting in a room’

Synoptic Formal Analysis and Musical Performance

From Parody to Transfiguration: Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations (Keynote speech by William Kinderman – University of Illinois, U.S.A.)








When? From Wednesday evening September 15, 2010 until Friday September 17, 2010


Where? Orpheus Institute, Korte Meer 12 9000 Ghent Belgium



Participant scan register until September 6, 2010 through the registration form to be found online at www.orpheusinstituut.be/EN/research-centre-orcim

Please note that the number of participants is limited


Registration fee? € 30

The fee includes morning and afternoon teas and  a festival brochure.


Travel arrangements & Accommodation?

Participants should make their own arrangements. Useful websites: www.bedandbreakfast-gent.be & www.hotelscombined.com


How to get to the Orpheus institute? www.orpheusinstituut.be/en/contact/how-to-find-us


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