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Eighteenth-Century Studies: Past and Future
Tampa, FL, February 2000


The 14th Annual DeBartolo Conference on 18th-Century Studies, sponsored by
the University of South Florida, will meet in Tampa on Feb. 17-19, 2000. 

Topic:  "Eighteenth-Century Studies: Past and Future."

Speakers:  Howard Weinbrot (U of Wisconsin), Stuart Sherman (Fordham U),
and Pat Rogers (U of South Florida). 

As we verge on a new century, we invite papers that look retrospectively
and prospectively at the field of 18th-century studies, identifying trends
in the past and charting courses for the future.  Papers might assess how
the rise of historicism, the growth of interdisciplinarity, or the
rapprochement with Romantic Era studies have shaped the field in recent
years; or they might consider what effects may follow from the publication
of new anthologies or the recovery of neglected texts.  Trends might be
traced through particular territories in the field--such as American,
British, or Continental studies--or they might be treated comparatively. 
We also welcome examination of the fates of individual figures from the
period--both those with seemingly bright futures as objects of study and
those who have faded or soon may fade from view.  Additionally, we welcome
analyses of the concepts of past and future as they are represented in the
literature, art, music, philosophy, or political theory of the "long" 18th

Submit 1-page abstracts by Sept. 10, 1999 to Regina Hewitt, Dept. of
English, Univ. of South Florida, 4202 E. Fowler Ave.--CPR 107, Tampa, FL
33620-5550, USA; fax: +1-(813) 974-2270; e-mail: