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Sound in Space 2000
Santa Barbara, March 2000


S  O  U  N  D   I  N   S  P  A  C  E      2  0  0  0

Weekend symposium
Saturday and Sunday, 18-19 March 2000

Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE)
Department of Music, University of California, Santa Barbara USA

The art of sound spatialisation has assumed prime importance in
contemporary composition. In the virtual reality of the studio, composers
spatialise sounds, lending the illusion of sounds emerging from imaginary
environments. These virtual worlds can be brought to the physical space of
the concert hall equipped with a multi-channel sound projection system. 

CREATE is sponsoring a weekend symposium on Sound in Space, 18-19 March
2000. The program will feature presentations by CREATE staff, other
University of California researchers, as well as contributed papers from
around the world. An octophonic sound system will be available for
demonstrations, as well as multitrack players. Contact the organizers for
details.  Musical examples can be presented within the context of talks. 
Evenings are free for open-air dinners in fine Santa Barbara restaurants. 

Attendees should contact us to register and receive information. 
Registration at the door will be accepted.
Registration fees: Presenter: US$ 75, Non-presenting participant: US$ 150.
Make checks payable to "Regents of the University of California, CREATE
Information on Santa Barbara accommodation:, tel.
+1-(800) 927-4688
Contact:  CREATE, Department of Music, University of California, Santa
Barbara CA 93106 USA.
Telephone +1-(805) 893-4586, Fax +1-(805) 893-7194,