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British Forum for Ethnomusicology
Sheffield, April 2000


Fieldwork, Ethnography, Representation

Annual Meeting of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology

14-16 April 2000, Sheffield, UK

Fieldwork is a central, some would claim defining, characteristic of
ethnomusicology, and is one of the ethnomusicologist's major claims to
representational authority. Yet the idea of the field as a distinct
location has been quietly challenged for some considerable time by
ethnomusicologists engaged in historical research, by indigenous scholars
carrying out research "at home" as it were, and, more recently, by writers
who have pointed to the construction of "the field" in the mind, notes,
performances and published writings of the ethnomusicologist. 

Abstracts of up to 300 words on the broad topic of fieldwork and its
outcomes should be submitted to Jonathan Stock by 1 November 1999 at the
address below. Abstracts will be evaluated anonymously by a small panel;
in the case of postal submissions, two copies should be sent, one without
the author's name or institutional affiliation. Those offering papers will
be advised of their acceptance or otherwise on or around 7 December 1999.
As usual, student submissions are very welcome, and a number of BFE
student bursaries will be available to students who attending the
conference to give a paper. Students applying for these should enclose
with their abstract a covering letter detailing anticipated travelling
costs and a signed letter of support from their supervisor. 

Film shows and performances may also be proposed, as may be preformed
panels or workshop sessions (to fit 1 hour and 30 minutes), for which a
longer abstract with named speakers (up to 750 words) may be provided.
There will be the usual book display, invited keynote speaker, conference
dinner, party and collegial BFE atmosphere. 

For further details, including the option of extending the visit to
investigate local folk music traditions, contact (after 17 September

Dr Jonathan Stock         Chair, British Forum for Ethnomusicology
Department of Music       Book Reviews Editor, World of Music
University of Sheffield
Sheffield S10 2TN, UK

+44-(0)114-222 0483 (tel.)
+44-(0)114-266 8053 (fax)
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