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The Harlem Renaissance and Homoeroticism
NEMLA, Buffalo, NY, April 2000


"The Harlem Renaissance and Homoeroticism"
Gay and Lesbian Caucus Panel
Northeast Modern Language Association
Buffalo, NY
April 7-8, 2000

Submissions are invited for a NEMLA penal entitled "The Harlem Renaissance
and Homoeroticism."  Proposals for presentations of 15-20 minutes can
pertain to any aspect of Harlem Renaissance literature, history, herstory,
music or culture as it relates to the presence and politics of the
homoerotic.  Participants may choose to focus on literature (Hughes,
Nugget, Larsen, Thurman, etc.), on cultural manifestations of the
homoerotic (e.g. the "jazz scene"), on the music of the period (e.g. as
heard on "Sissy Man Blues" and including Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith and
Gladys Bentley), on the variety of artistic media, or an a
multidisciplinary approach.  Participants may also draw upon the variety
of issues, theories and rubircs of Gay and Lesbian Studies or of Gender
Studies to discuss the homoerotics of the Harlem Renaissance--issues
potentially ranging from the politics of self-conscious community
formation to the manner in which homoerotic identity was defined and/or
oppressed at this time. 

Please submit 1 page proposals (including audiovisual requests) via mail
or email by September 15th. 

Yasmin Y. DeGout
Department of English
Howard University
2400 - 6th Street, NW
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