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American Musicological Society, South-Central Chapter
Martin, TN, April 2000

The annual meeting of the South-Central Chapter of the American Musicological Society will be held on the campus of the University of Tennessee, Martin, on Friday and Saturday, 14 and 15 April 2000. Keynote speaker will be Malcolm Brown, recently retired head of the program in historical musicology at Indiana University and a noted authority on Russian music. His topic will be "Shostakovich Reconsidered Yet Again." In the years since Brown personally encountered Shostakovich at the Moscow Conservatory, the composer has continually engaged his scholarly attention, most recently in connection with the impassioned debates surrounding the "meaning" of the composer's music in post-Soviet times. To register for this meeting, please e-mail indicating your interest. Thursday, April 13 7:00 pm -- Reception Home of Ernest Harriss, 205 University Street Friday, April 14 8:15 -- REGISTRATION, CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST Lobby, Fine Arts Building 9:15 -- Greetings 9:30-11:45 -- SESSION I: MUSIC AND THE CHURCH 9:30 -- The Music Program at First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Tennessee: The First 100 Years (Pamela R. Dennis, University of Memphis) 10:00 -- To Sing Sweetly or Measured: The Interactions of Chant and Polyphony in Fifteenth-Century Italian Music (John Karr, University of Louisville) 10:30-10:45 -- BREAK 10:45 -- The Cathedral Band of León and When They Played (Kenneth Kreitner, University of Memphis) 11:15 -- Cecilian Reform in Catholic Church Music: The Motu proprio of Pope Pius X (Ann L. Silverberg, Austin Peay State University) 12:30 -- LUNCH AND BUSINESS MEETING University Center, Rooms 230a-b 2:00-3:30 -- Session II: CLASSIC, ROMANTIC, AND CONTEMPORARY MUSIC 2:00 -- The Scoring of Mozart's "Alma grande e nobil core" (Janet K. Page, University of Memphis) 2:30 -- "Reveal nothing to him of his market value": The Publication of Strauss's First Three Tone Poems (Scott Warfield, Centre College) 3:00 -- The "Testimony Affair" and the Failures of Modern Musicology (Dmitry Feofanov) 3:30-3:45 -- BREAK 3:45-4:45 -- Session III: NEW APPROACHES TO TEACHING MUSIC APPRECIATION 3:45 -- Unprecedented Challenges, Unparalleled Opportunities: Restructuring the Music Appreciation Class to Better Reflect Our Multimusical Culture (Philip A. Todd, University of Kentucky) 4:15 -- Developing a Web-Based Course in Music Appreciation (Brent Weaver, Clayton College & State University) 6:00 -- BANQUET AND KEYNOTE ADDRESS Lobby, Fine Arts Building Shostakovich Reconsidered Yet Again Malcolm Brown, Indiana University Saturday, April 15 8:30 -- CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST Lobby, Fine Arts Building 9:30-11:45 -- Session IV: MUSIC AND POPULAR CULTURE 9:30 -- Popular Music and Bach in Villa-Lobos's Compositional Process: The Bachianas Brasileiras (Thomas George Caracas Garcia, State University of West Georgia) 10:00 -- The Great War and the Fighting Soldier's Song: Popular Song, Gender, and American Sentiment (Christina Gier, Duke University) 10:30-10:45 -- BREAK 10:45 -- A Fantasia of Sound: The Sorcerer's Apprentice in Walt Disney's Fantasia (Jennifer King, University of Kentucky) 11:15 -- Two Minds with but a Single Thought (Kirsten J. Helgeland, Cincinnati OH) Lawrence Schenbeck Associate Professor of Music History e-mail Spelman College (Atlanta, GA) phone +1-(404) 223-7677