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Music and Victorian Literature
Reading, May 2000


Department of Music: The University of Reading

13 May 2000, 10.00 - 6.00

For scholars working in both literary studies and musicology the
investigation of what literature can tell us about musical meaning and/or
music as cultural and social activity is a rapidly growing area of
research. This one-day conference offers the opportunity to engage with a
broad range of papers illuminating the rich possibilities of approaches
towards the interactions and intersections between music and English
literature of the 19th century. The day will also include a recital of
specially commissioned responses by composers to a 19th-century text,
George Eliot's Armgart.

Papers include the following:

Michael Allis, '"Loading the dice": Parry, Tennyson and The Lotos

Stephen Benson, 'The Voice of Kipling'

George Biddlecombe, 'The surviving Jewess and the singing Jenny:
refashioning transgressive operatic heroines in nineteenth-century London'

Regula Hohl Trillini, 'Female piano-playing in Victorian and Edwardian
fiction -- some surprises' 

Joanne Stapleton, '"A Stained Reputation?" Ethel Smyth revealed in E. F.
Benson's Dodo; a portrait of the day'

Jonathan Taylor, 'Music Masters and Musical Heroes: Carlyle's 'The Opera'
(1852), and George Eliot's Daniel Deronda (1876)'

Karen Tongson, 'The Function of Musicality in Victorian Criticism'

Phyllis Weliver, '"A Quite Unconscious Siren": Ownership of Female
Vocality in Trilby'

Cynthia Westerbeck, ' "That Vulgar Clanging": Music and Boundaries in
Gissing's Thyrza'

Robert Adlington, Naomi Gurt Lind and Phyllis Weliver, 'The Diva Set to
Music: George Eliot's Armgart, Setting Poetry, and Feminist Musicology'

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