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Sir George Grove's World
London, June 2000


Grove's World

A Conference to celebrate the centenary of Sir George Grove 1820-1900

10.15-18.00, 25 June 2000 at the Royal College of Music

This one-day conference has been organised by Prof. Michael Musgrave
(Visiting Research Fellow, RCM) in collaboration with Dr Paul Banks
(Research Development Fellow, RCM), and will include papers on various
aspects of Grove's astonishingly diverse career by Christina Bashford,
Celia Clarke, Cyril Ehrlich, Peter Horton, Leanne Langley, Michael
Musgrave, Janet Ritterman, David Wright, Percy M. Young, and a round table
discussion to also include Simon McVeigh and Stanley Sadie.

An exhibition on Grove and his Dictionary, curated by members of RCM staff
and Dr John Hanford (formerly archivist of Macmillan Reference Ltd.) will
be on display.

The conference will be followed by a reception hosted by Macmillan
Reference Ltd to mark Grove's centenary and also to preview the new
edition of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians; in addition Grove
On-line will be on display.

For further details and a booking form, go to

Or contact
Dr Peter Horton, Royal College of Music, Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2BS
Tel:    +44-(0)207 591 4324

Conference organiser: Prof. Michael Musgrave, Visiting Research Fellow, RCM

This conference has been made possible by the generous financial support of
Macmillan Reference Ltd.