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Popular Music Today: Objects, Practices, Approaches
Sofia, June 2000

Popular Music Today: Objects, Practices, Approaches

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The Bulgarian branch of the International Association for the Study of
Popular Music and the Institute of Art Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of
Sciences with the courteous cooperation of the British Council in Bulgaria
organize an interdisciplinary seminar on Popular Music Today: Objects,
Practices, Approaches to be held in Sofia, 23-24 June 2000. The keynote
speaker will be Dr. Philip Tagg, Institute of Popular Music - Liverpool,
UK. The seminar is open to all interested in the subject and welcomes
proposals oriented to changing cultural agendas in popular music/studies
in the information age. While keeping connection with basic methodological
perspectives identified in popular music studies, topics include but are
not limited to innovative aspects concerning issues of globalization and
cultural differences; aesthetics, identity and value systems; technology,
communication and media; methods of studying. Proposals for twenty-minute
papers and round table discussions are invited.

Official languages: English, Bulgarian. Translation will be provided.
Timely submission of the written papers which will facilitate the
translation process is highly encouraged. Seminar proceedings are expected
to be published in the academic journal Bulgarsko Muzikoznanie [Bulgarian
Musicology] ^Ö publication of the Institute of Art Studies.

Arrival: 22 June
Seminar days: 23-24 June
Departure: 25 June

Registration fee: US$20.00
Accommodation: reservations will be made in the hotel of the Bulgarian
Academy of Sciences (50 ^ÓShiptchenski prohod^Ô blvd., Sofia), located
near the seminar place.
Single room: US$ 38 (with breakfast)
Double room: US$ 48 (US$ 24 per person, with breakfast)
Note: The organizers expect a discount of the hotel prices which will be 
additionally announced.


Dr. Claire Levy
Fax: +3592 9433092
Address: Kv. Hadji Dimitar Bl. 140 Vh. 2, 1510 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +3592 4709753 (for info in English)


Dr. Lubomir Kavaldjiev
Phone: +3592 667235 (for info in German)
Dr. Rossitca Draganova
Phone: +3592 554742 (for info in French)

Deadline for participation proposals: 21 April 2000
Notification to participants: 15 May 2000 (including any further

Preliminary program 

Friday, 23 June 2000

Morning session 
               chair: Gencho Gaytandjiev, Associate Professor 

09.30-09.45  Opening speech: Prof. Dr. Elena Toncheva,  
                       Director of the Institute of Art Studies, BAS 
09.45-10.45  Dr. Philip Tagg (Institute of Popular Music, Liverpool, UK):
                       “High and Low, Cool and Uncool: aesthetic 
                       and historical falsifications about music in Europe” 
10.45-11.00  Coffee-break 
11.00-11.30  Dr. Lubomir Kavaldjiev, BAS: “The Third Wave in Popular Music
                       (four cognitive models observed in the musical culture
11.30-12.00   Dr. Claire Levy, BAS:“Playing on Repetitive: creativity in  
                       popular music/culture” 

12.00-12.30  Discussion 

Afternoon session 
chair: Dr. Rossitsa Draganova 

13.30-14.00  Dr. Franz Krieger (Institute for Jazz Research – 
                       University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz, 
                       Austria): “One more Grammy for Whitney Houston: 
                       annotations to musical roots and musical identity 
                       in the era of globalization”. 
14.00-14.30  Dr. Rosemary Statelova, BAS. “Roma Participation in the
                       Production of local Pop-music in Bulgaria today: 
                       the ethnomusicological approach”. 
14.30-15.00  Ventsislav Dimov, Bulgaria 
15.00-15.30  Coffee-break 
15.30-17.30  Round Table: “Understanding Popular Music Between the Two
                       Chair: Dr. Lubomir Kavaldjiev 

Saturday, 24 June 2000

Morning session 
chair: Dr. Rosemary Statelova 

09.15-09.45  Yetkin Ozer  (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey) 
09.45-10.15  Dr. Elisaveta Valchinova-Chendova, BAS  
10.15-10.45  Dr. Lozanka Peicheva, BAS 
10.45-11.00  Coffee-break 
11.00-11.30  Dr. John Novak (School of Music, Northern Illinois University,
                       USA): “The Depiction of Hope in Three Christian
                       Popular Songs” 
11.30-12.00  Kirsten Kearney (University of Stirling, UK): “Playing Monopoly
                       with the Academics” 
12.00-12.30  David Lloyd (Department of Comparative Literature, Religion, and
                       Film/Media Studies, University of Alberta, Canada) 

Afternoon session 
chair: Dr. Elisaveta Valchinova-Chendova 

13.30-14.00  Barnard Turner (National University of Singapore):  
                       “America's Band [again]: the mid-seventies Beach 
                       Boys and pop music as repositioning” 
14.00-14.30  Gencho Gaytandjiev, Assoc. Prof.: “Kou-Kou Band: from trivial
                       to original”. 
14.30-15.00  Dr. Rossitsa Draganova, BAS: “MP3 or the changing patterns of
                       music making and  music perception in the information
15.00-15.30  Coffee-break 
15.30-17.30  Round Table: “Teaching (Popular) Music Today: 
                       Globalization, Identity and Value Systems”. 
                       Chair: Dr. Claire Levy