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Psychology after the Year 2000
Haifa, June 2000


The Departments of Psychology in the Universities in Israel, in
conjunction with the Israeli Psychological Association, will be hosting an
International Conference on Psychology at the University of Haifa, from
June 12-14, 2000.  The Conference theme is "Psychology After The Year
2000." The Conference will be open to all interested scientists,
professionals, and students. 

The Conference will open with a major address examining the role of the
sciences of human behavior in the overall context of the human condition.
There will be a plenary address each day, three in all, followed by
parallel sessions. The topics for the three plenary addresses are: (a) The
changing concept of intelligence; (b) Brain and behavior as a metaphor and
a science; and (c) The person: Changing perspectives

Submission of Abstracts is invited for several kinds of presentations: (1)
Brief communications (20 minutes), presenting findings of discrete
studies. (2) Extended presentations (50 minutes), summarizing research
(own and other) in a given area, and pointing to new directions. (3)
Symposia, featuring three or more participants in a given area of
research. (4) Poster sessions. 

While there are no pre-designed sessions, the Program Committee will
endeavor to group presentations into clusters to create de facto sessions. 

---- Parenthetical note from Warren Brodsky --------

In general, the conference is a psychology conference.  Over the past ten
years, more an more music researchers have begun to take part in
interdisciplinary and muti-disciplinary research involving psychological,
neurological, and biological aspects of music, music learning, and music
behavior.  These are in addition to the gamut of works related to health
issues and therapeutic environments. 

A few (and I mean few) who live here are involved with cognitive and
neurocognitive aspects of that research.  I personally would like to see
the coming conference host a symposium on music science.  Hence, I have
made a call to colleragues around the globe.  Shold anyone wish to visit
Israel in June (a grand time to be in the Holy Land during the year 2000
which is lsated to be Israel's most important pilgrimage year), and
participate in the panel symposium, then I need to present this to the
sacientific comittee by November 1st (or there abouts).  This is not a
music conference - but a psychology conference where I wish to raise a
flag (professional awareness) for and about music-related research. 


Language of the Conference: Hebrew and English.

Deadline for submission of Abstracts: November 15, 1999.

Warren Brodsky, BMus, DipMusEd, MCAT, PhD, MT-BC
Schillinger Fellow for the Study of Music Sciences
Department of the Arts, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
POBox 653, Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel
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