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Nights to Remember: Memory, Modernity and the Myth of the Titanic
Southampton, July 2000

University of Southampton Film and Media Programme CALL FOR PAPERS NIGHTS TO REMEMBER Memory, Modernity and the Myth of the Titanic An international multidisciplinary conference 20/21/22/23 July 2000 University of Southampton
The Titanic is a monumental icon of the twentieth century that has inspired, and continues to inspire, a wealth of representations across national boundaries, and across the arts. Southampton itself is a key location in the great ship's journey, and offers a rich source of local history. The conference aims to link the local experience with the global myth, bringing together scholarship in Film and Media, Music, Art History, Cultural Studies, Literary Studies, Theatre Studies and History on the subject of the cultural meanings of the Titanic. We welcome papers on any aspect of the myth, but these are some of the areas we would like to explore: *Shared memory: the Titanic as transnational phenomenon *History, memorabilia and mourning *Apocalypse and survival: class, gender, ethnicity *Technologies, history and modernity *Music, sound and memory *Cultural meanings of disaster *Special effects, spectacle and narrative Proposals (no more than 300 words please) should be sent by July 30 1999 to: Millennial Titanic Conference School of Modern Languages University of Southampton Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK Organising committee: Tim Bergfelder, Pam Cook, Deniz Gokturk, Mike Hammond, Lucy Mazdon Pam Cook pam@LANG.SOTON.AC.UK >