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2nd Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts
Baden-Baden, July/August 2000

The second Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts, "Music,
Environmental Design, and the Choreography of Space", will be held in
conjunction with the 12th International Conference on Systems Research,
Informatics, and Cybernetics July 31-August 5, 2000 in Baden-Baden,
Germany.  The study of systems within the scope of traditional
arts-related theory or the application of general systems methodologies to
the analysis of music, environmental design, dance, theatre, and the
visual arts are areas of particular interest. 

Abstracts of approximately 200 words should be submitted for evaluation. 
All proposals will be judged based on scholarly quality, originality, and
potential for further discourse.  Papers may be submitted electronically
to Jim Rhodes, Shorter College, USA ( or Jane Lily,
State University of New York at Buffalo, USA ( 
For more complete contact information and details about the conference,
please visit the Arts Symposium home page at