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Back to the Future: Twentieth Century Futuristic Fantasies
Liverpool, September 2000

September 14-15, 2000
University of Liverpool, UK

CALL FOR PAPERS: deadline 10 April 2000

The aim of this conference is to analyse twentieth-century culture through
its ideas about the future.  Although it is expected that the conference
will focus to some extent on the literary and artistic imagination, papers
from a variety of disciplines and theoretical perspectives are welcomed,
and discussion of how the future has been imagined in different media (or
across media boundaries) is encouraged.  A selection of the conference
papers will be published in book form.

Papers might include discussion of the following:

America; architecture; art; cities; cloning; colonialism; commodification;  
cyberlit; the environment; escapism; ethics; eugenics; fashion; film;
food;  gender; genre; the historical-specificity of the future; ideas
about the future directed at, or generated by, children;
(inter)nationality; the internet; interior decoration; Italian futurism;
language; literature; matriarchies and patriarchies; minimalism; monsters;
music; politics; primitivism; psychology; the relationship of the future
to the modern and the contemporary; Russian futurism; science; science
fiction;  sex; space; technology; television; time machines; transport;
utopias and dystopias.

Please send proposals for papers (500 words), accompanied by a brief CV, to:

Dr Rebecca Beasley
Department of English Language and Literature
University of Liverpool
Liverpool L69 3BX

or by email to: