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Connections in Contemporary Austrian Culture
Aberdeen, September 2000


Baupläne für Zwischenräume / Blueprints for No-Man's Land
Connections in Contemporary Austrian Culture
University of Aberdeen, 14-17 September 2000

Künstlerische Forschung und Experiment sind
 ... ebenso wichtig wie die Produktion von Kunst
(Peter Weibl)

This interdisciplinary conference will investigate the connections between
different forms of cultural production and representation in present-day
Austria.  It has two interrelated aims: first, to facilitate interaction
between theorists and practitioners with an interest in contemporary
Austrian culture and second, to explore areas of overlap between various
forms of cultural representation in contemporary Austrian culture.  The
conference will be accompanied by literary readings, an art exhibition,
and a theatre performance.  These 'accompanying events' will form an
integral part of the conference, while also presenting aspects of Austrian
culture to a wider non-academic audience.  Among those who have expressed
an interest in contributing are Manfred Erjautz, Veronika Dreier, Theater
im Bahnhof (Graz). 

Utilising as a central motif a model of the cultural sphere as city,
divided into distinct, but overlapping areas through which theorists and
practitioners circulate, we are seeking papers which explore the nature of
the 'Zwischenräume' between different forms of representation.  Papers
should address the connections (historical, existing, potential and
missed) between various cultural spheres such as:  
* 	literature 
* 	art 
*	architecture 
* 	music 
* 	film 
* 	theatre and cabaret 
In each case, we are interested in both 'high' and 'low' culture, as well
as in works which subvert this distinction. 

Papers, either in English or in German, should be 30 minutes long.  Please
send your paper title and short abstract (200 words) by 15 December 1999

Dr. Janet Stewart
Dept. of German
Taylor Building
University of Aberdeen
United Kingdom
Tel.:  +44-(0)1224 272488

Further information will be posted on our web-site:

Conference Organisers:
Mag. Astrid Becksteiner, Dr. Janet Stewart, Dr. Simon Ward