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Lost Libraries
Cambridge, September 2000



The 4th Bienniel Conference sponsored by the Cambridge Project for the
Book Trust

15-17 September 2000

Magdalene College, Cambridge University

Brief description- The history of a great library - national,
institutional and private - is much more than just the history of the
individual book collection. Libraries are constructed for many reasons and
their loss (either by deliberate action or by accident) has often made
explicit their particular cultural, social and political significance. 

This conference will explore the often neglected circumstances of the
disappearance of a great library and consider the consequences of that
loss or destruction. We hope to range from ancient times to the present
day and offer a series of comparative case studies, each of which broadens
out to consider broader consequences, especially, in the case of famous
scholarly or great national collections, to later cultural development. 

What were, for example, the consequences of the disposal of the Corvina
and the Palatina libraries? How have losses (such as that of Alexandria)
been represented in popular intellectual history in later centuries? How
we can assess the cultural resonances of the destruction and loss of
particular collections in modern times? 

Several distinguished historians have already indicated a willingness to
take on particular studies for the conference (details will follow in the
Spring) but we also invite paper proposals (one page only). These should
be sent to

	Lost Libraries, Conference Administrator,
	The Malting House,
	Newnham Road
	Cambridge  CB3 9EY

BY 30 APRIL 1999

The conference will be held in Magdalene College, Cambridge, where
accommodation will be available.