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Intellectual Migration and Cultural Transformation: The Movement of Ideas from German-speaking Europe to the Anglo-Saxon World
Brighton, September 2000

Intellectual Migration and Cultural Transformation:
The Movement of Ideas from German-speaking Europe to the Anglo-Saxon World

An International conference to be held at the University of Sussex from
25-28 September 2000, organised by the Vienna Circle Institute (University
of Vienna) and the Centre for German-Jewish Studies (University of Sussex)

The enforced migration of writers and intellectuals from Nazi-occupied
Europe has been the subject of intensive historical research. This
conference will extend the focus by analysing the impact of intellectual
migration on divergent social and cultural environments. It is sometimes
claimed that the conservatism of British institutions discouraged radical
innovation, but comparisons with the United States and other countries
reveal that there was a broad spectrum of responses, often resulting in a
fundamental transformation of intellectual paradigms and cultural
practices.  The exodus of the Vienna Circle serves as a model for the
intricate relations between individual biographies, institutional
histories and theoretical constructs which accompanied the process of
reintegration.  Similar patterns may be discerned in the fields of
architecture and design, social and political theory, psychoanalysis, and
art history.

Monday, 25 September 2000
Terrace Room, Third Floor, Bramber House, University of Sussex

12.30-14.30  registration at the Terrace Room

14.30 welcome
14.45 Jennifer Platt and Daniel Steuer (University of Sussex) Towards a 
	Methodology of Migration Studies
15.30 Friedrich Stadler (University of Vienna and the Vienna Circle
	Institute) The 'Wiener Kreis' in Great Britain -- Transfer and
	Transformation of Logical Empiricism
16.00 discussion

16.30 tea

16.30 Mitchell Ash (University of Vienna) Forced Migration and
	Scientific Change after 1933: Steps towards a New Overview
17.00 Kurt Rudolf Fischer (University of Vienna) Has Migration Changed
	Philosophical Style?
17.30 discussion and summing up

19.00 evening meal

Tuesday, 16 September 2000
Terrace Room, Bramber House, University of Sussex

9.15 Nicholas Mann and Dorothea McEwan (Warburg Institute, London)
	The Self-image of the Warburg Institute
10.00 Johannes Feichtinger (University of Graz) The Austrian Refugee
	Scholar's Impact on English Art History
10.30 discussion

11.00 coffee

11.30 Christian Fleck (University of Graz) The Role of Refugee
	Organisations in the Placement of German and Austrian Scholars Abroad
12.00 Ulrike Walton-Jordan (University of Sussex) Festivals for the New Age: 
	The Role of Refugees from Nazism in Fashion and Industrial Design
	in 1940s and 1950s Britain
12.30 discussion

13.00 lunch

14.00 Martin Brady (King's College London / Royal Academy of Music) From 
	Berlin to Bethnal Green: The Impact of European Modernism on
	Social Housing in Britain
14.30 Margarete Jarchow (Technical University Hamburg-Harburg) Building a 
	New Future: Architects Exiled from Germany 1933-1945
15.00 Charlotte Benton (Cambridge) 'The whole architectural scene is
	fundamentally different -- There is little or no interest in
	progress': Migration and its Impact on Émigré Architects
16.00 discussion

16.30 tea

17.00 Philip Ward (Wolfson College, Cambridge) Time and Motion: The
	German 'Expressive Dance' Movement in British Exile
17.30 Ursula Hudson-Wiedenmann (Hurspierpoint) Intercultural Temporal
	Discontinuity: The Work of the Painter and Potter Grete
18.00 discussion and summing up

evening free

Wednesday, 27 September 2000
Terrace Room, Bramber House, University of Sussex

9.30   Laurent Jeanpierre (Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris)
	The Migration of French Social Scientists to the US: Development of a 
	New Paradigm or Emergence of a New Intellectual?
10.00 Inge Belke (Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach ) Intellectual Migration
	and Cultural Transfer: The Case of the Sociologist Leo Löwenthal
10.30 discussion

11.00 coffee

11.30 Feiwel Kupferberg (Aalborg University) The Creative Failures and
	Successes of Refugee Intellectuals in Hollywood
12.00 Martin Vialon (Phillips University Marburg) Erich Auerbach and his 
	Istanbul Circle
12.30 discussion

13.00 lunch

14.00 Nick Hubble (University of Sussex) Franz Borkenau, Sebastian Haffner
	and George Orwell: Émigrés and the English Radical Tradition
14.30 Nick Warr (University of Brighton) Siegfried Kracauer and the
	Language of Extraterritorial Critique
15.00 discussion

15.30 tea

16.00 Andrea Hammel (University of Sussex) Is there a Need for a Feminist
	Approach to Migration Studies?
16.30 Birgit Lang (Vienna) Anti-feminism and Concepts of Gender and Ethnicity
	in German-speaking Exile Theatre and Cabaret in Australia
17.00 discussion and summing up

19.00 evening meal

Thursday, 28 September 2000
Terrace Room, Bramber House, University of Sussex

9.30  Lawrence J. Friedman (Indiana University) The Psychoanalytic Emigration
	from Central Europe
10.00 Edward Timms (University of Sussex) Ilse Hellman and Child Psychology:
	From Empirical Observation in Vienna to Therapeutic Alliances in
10.30 discussion

11.00 coffee

11.30 Mark Smith (The Open University) Phenomenology and Intellectual
	Migration: The Impact of Members of the Miseskreis and Geistkreis on
	Western Social Science
12.00 Berkeley Fleming (Mount Allison University) Karl Polanyi in England
12.30 discussion

13.00 lunch

14.00 Hans-Joachim Dahms (University of Osnabrück) German Emigrant
	Philosophers in Great Britain: A Survey
14.30 Rudolf Haller (University of Graz) Ludwig Wittgenstein and
	Friedrich Waismann in Great Britain
15.00 discussion

15.30 tea

16.00 Roland Graf (Wiener Neustadt) Wittgenstein's Re-Austrification: A 
	Methodological Look on his Examples
16.30 Oliver Rathkolb (University of Vienna) Intellectual Return Migration
	to Austria from Britain and the Cold War
17.00 discussion and summing up

17.45 end of conference

Intellectual Migration and Cultural Transformation

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