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The Role of the Romanies
Liverpool, September 2000

The Role of the Romanies:
Images and Self-Images of Romanies/"Gypsies" in European Cultures

An Interdisciplinary Conference

University of Liverpool
15-18 September 2000

__Deadline of 30 June 1999 for submission of proposals__

Since their arrival in Europe at the beginning of the eleventh century,
the "Gypsies" have stimulated and fascinated the European imagination, but
have also always been perceived as "other" and marginalised. At the end of
the millennium, after centuries of discrimination and persecution,
Romanies/"Gypsies" remain the least understood and least popular ethnic
minority group in most European countries. Yet very few people have
first-hand knowledge of them. 

This conference seeks to address the questions raised by the ambivalent
encounter of the "Gypsies" with European cultures. It aims both to
re-examine Gadjo constructions of Romanies/"Gypsies" in the Orientalist
style over the centuries and to appraise and compare the contributions
made by Romanies themselves to European cultures. 

We invite contributions in the fields of linguistics, cultural and media
studies (particularly film and music), literary studies, social history,
and anthropology. The language of the conference will be English. The
organisers plan to publish a selection of the papers. Offers of papers by
Romanies and papers relating to Eastern Europe are particularly welcome. 

Those interested in contributing a paper should please contact with a
brief expose (300w) either

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by 30 June 1999.