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The Medieval Artistic Community: Textual Exchanges in the Middle Ages
New York, October 2000

The Eleventh Annual Columbia Medieval Guild Conference


Saturday, October 14, 2000; Philosophy Hall, Columbia University

Keynote Address:  Professor Christopher Baswell, Barnard College


	The objective of this conference is to investigate the dynamics of
textual interplay in the Middle Ages. In particular, we will consider the
deliberate authorial and artistic incorporation, adaptation, or revision
of contemporary, classical and scriptural texts/images. How does the
relationship of authors or artists to their predecessors inform the
concept of artistic creation in the medieval mind? What role do political,
religious, or aesthetic sensibilities play in authors' or artists'
recastings of antecedent texts? What happens when the artist or author
adapts a narrative originally related through a different medium? How do
textual elements such as marginal glossing, illumination, translation, and
citation interact in a given visual space? What influence do literary or
artistic texts exert over forms of textuality that are not conventionally
construed as aesthetic objects (trial manuscripts, scientific treatises,
contracts, chronicles, school primers, etc.) and vice versa? In what way
does an author or artist adapt folkloric narratives and oral traditions to
visual media? How has modern interest in locating and studying analogues
shaped critical and theoretical approaches to medieval texts?

	Graduate students and recent recipients of the Ph.D. in Art
History and Architecture, Archaeology, History, History of Science, Music,
Philosophy, Religion, and all literature departments are invited to submit
a 250-word abstract and cover letter indicating any audio-visual
requirements by July 31, 2000:

		Medieval Guild
		Dept. of English and Comparative Literature
		602 Philosophy Hall-MC 4927
		Columbia University
		New York, NY  10027-4927

For further information, please contact:

Corey Olsen (; +1-(215) 843-5965)  
Shayne Legassie (; +1-(212) 864-6065)