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Techno Music
Detroit, October 2000

Call for Papers
for the October, 2000 ASA conference in Detroit

Techno Music >>>>>>>>>>
   fastforward from local history to global market


The choice of Detroit as a venue may be fortuitous: Detroit lies at one
important point of origin for the now-global genre of dance music known as
techno. We invite papers on the local history informing this genre as well
as the globalizing processes which established its popularity far beyond
regional and national boundaries.  Bridges between these two extremes
would be equally appreciated, in line with the conference theme.  We are
also strongly interested in papers which examine the cultural poetics of
techno, or which engage in questions of inhabitability, reification, and

Please email paper proposals by 10 January 2000 to

or send to Marc Christensen, English Dept., Wayne State University,
Detroit MI 48202, USA.