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Between Politics and Culture - Jews in the German Democratic Republic
Tel Aviv / Jerusalem, November 2000

Invitation to the

International Conference
"Between Politics and Culture - Jews in the GDR"
Tel Aviv - Jerusalem, November 22-23, 2000

Wednesday, November 22
Wiener Library, Tel Aviv University

9.00-12.30 (break included):

Dan Laor, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University
Joseph Kostiner, Head, School of History, Tel Aviv University

Moshe Zuckermann, Head, Institute for German History, Tel Aviv University

Session I:

Angelika Timm, Berlin
"East German Jews and the State of Israel - An Ambivalent Relationship"

Mario Kessler, Potsdam
"Between Repression and Tolerance - The SED and the Jews in the early 1950s"

Karin Hartewig, Erfurt
"The Trap of Loyality - Jewish Communists in the GDR"

Moshe Zimmermann, Jerusalem
"Overcoming Anti-Semitism in the GDR"

12.30-14.30: Lunch Break

14.30-18.00 (break included):

Session II:

Wolfgang Herzberg, Potsdam
"Gerry Wolf - A Jewish Actor's Memoirs"

Cora Granata, Chapel Hill, NC
"Memories of Nazi Resistance in the GDR - The Case of a Herbert Baum Gruppe

Barbara Einhorn, Brighton
"Gender, Nation, Landscape and Identity - Narratives of Exile and Return"

Screening of the video:
by J. Bornemann and J. M. Peck (1 hour)
Comments by
Jeffrey M. Peck, Toronto
"GDR German Jewish Identities in Transition - Before and After Unification"

Thursday, November 23
Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

9:30-13.00 (break included):
Greetings: Gabriel Motzkin, Director, Institute of Arts and Letters, The
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Session III:
Stephan Braese, Bremen
"Ahasver in the Peasant's State - Stefan Heym's Bible Readings"

Alfred Bodenheimer, Lucerne
"Jews on Paper - Anti-Semitism and Judaism in Arnold Zweig's Late Novels
'Die Feuerpause' and 'Die Zeit ist reif'"

Frank Stern, Beer Sheva
"Imagining the Real Jews - A Cinema of Contradictions" 
Accompanied by film clips

13.00-14.00 Lunch Break

14.00-17.00 (break included):

Session IV:

Steven Aschheim, Jerusalem
"Comrade Klemperer: Communism, Liberalism and Jewishness in the GDR - The
Diaries 1945-1959"

Gad Kaynar, Tel Aviv
"Thomas Brasch: 'Lovely Rita' and 'Rotter' - Jewish Perspectives on the Role
Enactment of German Non-Identity"

Olav Schröer, Berlin
"Stage Productions of 'Nathan the Wise' - A Comparative View 1945/1966"

Hans-Jürgen Nagel, Tel Aviv
"Paul Dessau - The Period from 1948 to 1979
Hanns Eisler - An Attempt at 'Political' Music"
Musical illustration performed by the Gertler String Quartet and Karin
Shifrin (soprano)
(The Israeli Academy of Music, Tel Aviv University)

The conference will be held at the
Wiener Library, Tel Aviv University (22 Nov)
and at The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute,
43 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem (23 Nov)

For further information please contact
Institute for German History
Tel. 972-3-6409731
The Franz Rosenzweig Research Center
Tel 972-2-6585126

Proceedings will be held in English.

The conference is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.