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Music and Metropolis: Recontextualizing Krenek and Weill
London, November 2000

Royal Musical Association One-Day conference in association with King’s College Institute of Advanced Musical Studies King’s College, London Saturday 25th November 2000
The year 2000 marks the centenary of the births of Ernst Krenek (August) and Kurt Weill (March). Conceived in part as a commemoration, in part as a means of drawing musicological attention to the significance of the modern urban landscape in shaping the production and reception of 20th century musical modernism, this one-day conference will explore music theatre works of both composers from the 1920s to the mid 1930s. It will seek to recontextualise aspects of and perspectives on these works against the backdrop of not only the physical environments of the modernist metropolis, but also of the forms of identity, social interaction and cultural production, the search for pleasure and the struggle for political self-realisation constructed by the rhythms and responses to modern urban life. Just as Lang’s iconic film Metropolis (1926) is a futuristic vision set around the year 2000, the conference will, furthermore, consider whether any significant conclusions can be drawn from revisiting the music and ideas of Krenek and Weill for our own times. PROGRAMME 10.00 am. REGISTRATION & COFFEE 10.30 am Session One. The Composer in the Crowd: Sounding the City 10.30-11.00 Peter Tregear (Cambridge UK) 'Stadtluft macht frei': Aspects of Urban Consciousness in Krenek & Weill's Music Theatre of the 1920s 11.00-11.30 Martha Brech (Berlin, Germany) Grief in Modern Urban Terms: Weill's Berliner Requiem. 11.30-12.00 Charlotte Purkis (Winchester, UK) Into the Interior: the underworld and music's expressionist body in Krenek's Orpheus und Eurydike 12.00-12.30 Discussion 12.30 pm LUNCH 1.30 pm Session Two. Krenek & Weill on the Street. 1.30-2.00 Nils Grosch (Freiburg, Germany) Popular Music-Theatre around 1930: The Creative Context for Ernst Krenek and Kurt Weill's operatic works 2.00-2.30 Erik Levi (London, UK) Krenek, Weill and the BBC: The Politics of Prejudice 2.30-3.00 Discussion 3.00 pm TEA 3.30 pm Session Three. Zeitoper in production and reproduction 3.30-4.00 Claudia Maurer Zenck (Graz, Austria) On the Beat: Ernst Krenek's Kehraus um St. Stephan and Weill's Street Scene. 4.00-4.30 Matthias Schmidt (Schoenberg Institute, Vienna, Austria) Ernst Krenek, Paul Bekker and the "Socially-Formative" Power of Opera 4.30-5.00 Kevin S. Amidon (Michigan, USA)"Is here no telephone?": Kurt Weill, Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny, and the status of operatic spectatorship. 5.00-6.15 Discussion & Colloquium: Revising futures past: Weill & Krenek in Performance Today. For non RMA members, a one-day fee for attendance at the conference is payable. This will be 15 pounds and is payable in advance by sterling cheque made out to 'The Royal Musical Association', or on the door. The conference fee includes tea and coffee (but not lunch, which needs to be brought or purchased separately locally) and an after-conference reception (food and drink) plus concert at the Austrian Institute, London, in the early evening. The concert includes a selection of songs from the Liederkreis 'Aus dem Oesterreichischen Alpen' and some piano pieces, performed by Finnur Bjarnason (tenor) and Kathron Sturrock (piano). For further information, please contact: Charlotte Purkis Peter Tregear School of Community and Performing Art King’s College King Alfred’s College Cambridge CB2 1ST Sparkford Road United Kingdom Winchester SO22 4NR United Kingdom Tel +44-(0)1962 827500/841515 Tel +44-(0)1223 331100 Fax +44-(0)1962 842280 Fax +44-(0)1223 331193 e mail: e mail: