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Toronto 2000: Music Theory and Psychology Session
Toronto, November 2000

Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections. November 1-5, 2000

The conference will bring together the Society for Music Theory; the
American Musical Instrument Society; the American Musicological Society;
the Association for Technology in Music Instruction; the Canadian
Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres; the
Canadian Society for Traditional Music; the College Music Society; the
Canadian University Music Society; the Historic Brass Society; the
Canadian and U.S. chapters of the International Association for the Study
of Popular Music; the Lyrica Society for Word-Music Relationships; the
Society for Ethnomusicology; the Society for Music Perception; and the
Sonneck Society for American Music. 

for a joint session at Toronto 2000
of the Society for Music Theory (SMT) and the Society for Music Perception
and Cognition (SMPC) entitled

Collaboration between music theorists and music psychologists"

Session coordinators: Richard Parncutt and Steve Larson

The aim of the session is to generate original insights in music theory
and analysis through collaboration between scientists and artists. Each
paper in the session will have dual authorship, whereby one author is a
music theorist (or an academic whose primary qualifications and
publications are in the domain of the arts) and the other a music
psychologist (or an academic whose primary qualifications and publications
are in the domain of the natural sciences). 

Proposals for contributions should include the following:
- title;
- authors' names, affiliations, contact details (address, email, tel, fax);
- a 500-word abstract;
- and a 250-word resume of each author including relevant research
  interests & findings.

Proposals should be emailed simultaneously to Richard Parncutt and Steve Larson We will prepare a proposal for a joint
session on the basis of contributions received, following SMT guidelines
published at 

Deadline for proposals: Friday, April 30, 1999.

Richard Parncutt, Associate Professor of Systematic Musicology
Department of Musicology, University of Graz
Mozartgasse 3, 8010 Graz, Austria
Tel: +43-316 380-2409;  Fax: -9755

Steve Larson, Associate Professor of Music
School of Music, University of Oregon
1225 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR  97403-1225, USA
Tel: +1-541 346-5651; Fax: -0723


Cross-disciplinary match-making service: Scholars seeking academic
partners for the above session are encouraged to email their name,
affiliation, contact details (address, email, tel, fax), and a 250-word
resume including relevant research interests and findings to Richard
Parncutt by 28 February 1999. All information received in this format will
be compiled into a single document and returned to all contributors by
email in early March. (Note that this information will be available only
to those who contribute to it, and to the session coordinators.)