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Seventeenth Barnard Medieval/Renaissance Conference
New York, December 2000

The Seventeenth Barnard Medieval and Renaissance Conference

Public Performance/Public Ritual

December 2, 2000
Barnard College

Continuing a tradition of excellence in inter-disciplinary scholarship,
Barnard College's Seventeenth Medieval and Renaissance Conference will be
an exploration of the meaning and impact of a wide variety of forms of
public performance, ritual and display from the Middle Ages to the Early
Modern period.

Below you will find full information on the conference including a
registration form which may be printed and sent in with payment. Please
direct questions concerning the program of the conference to Laurie
Postlewate, (212) 854-2053, Please mail registration
forms on or before November 22, 2000 to:

Tiffany Dugan
Special Events Office
Barnard College
3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027-6598, USA
Forms can also be faxed to +1-(212) 854-5854 but payment must be mailed.

Enrollment for the conference is limited and will be conducted on a
first-come, first-served basis. Registration forms should be mailed by
November 22, 2000.


Name ___________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________


City, State, Zip _______________________________________

Telephone (with area code) and e-mail __________________


Institutional Affiliation ______________________________

Please circle the sessions of the conference you plan to attend:

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Please send me information concerning:

Travel Hotels Parking

Conference fees
Pre-registration $40
Walk-in registration $50
(on December 2)
Alumnae Registration $35
Senior Citizen $20
Student (with ID) $05
Lunch $15

Enclosed is my check for $_________. made payable to Barnard College.

Please Note:
The basic registration fee includes refreshments, but does not include
lunch. Lunch will be provided for conference participants at an additional
charge of $15. You must indicate on this form if you wish to order lunch
and include it in the registration payment.

A conference brochure will be mailed to you upon receipt of registration
payment. Your cancelled check will serve as your receipt of payment.

Cancellation: For individuals who pre-register, cancellations will be
accepted until November 28, 2000. The balance will be refunded less a $5
processing fee. Individuals wishing to cancel after November 28 will
forfeit the entire conference fee.


DECEMBER 2, 2000

All events will take place in Barnard Hall. The Barnard gate is on the west
side of Broadway at 117th Street.

9:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

PLENARY SESSION: 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

Elizabeth A.R. Brown, Professor Emerita, The City University of New York,
Brooklyn College and The Graduate School
"The Last Act: Royal Funerals and Transi Tombs in Fifteenth- and
Sixteenth-Century France"

Stephen Orgel, Stanford University
"The Monarch and the Dream"

LUNCH 12:00-1 p.m.

"Various Lenses for Medieval Spectacles"
Linda Marie Zaerr, Boise State University and Evelyn B. Vitz, New York


Session 1
The Performance of Courtliness and Chivalry
Presider: Karen Green, Columbia University

1. Nancy Freeman Regalado, New York University
"Performing Romance: Arthurian Interludes in Sarrasin's Le Roman du Hem

2. Michelle Magallanez, New York University
"The Theater of the Pas d'armes: Performance of Aristocratic Ideology in
Fifteenth Century-Burgundy"

3. Anthony B. Cashman, III, College of the Holy Cross
"Performance Anxiety, Courtly Ritual and Making La Bella Figura in Early
Modern Europe"

Session 2
Public Theatricality in the Middle Ages
Presider: Joel Kaye, Barnard College

1. Dallas Denery, Stanford University
"Self as Self-Presentation in Early Dominican Religious Life"

2. Carol Symes, Bennington College
"Early Medieval Plays and the Medieval Culture of Performance:
Studying the Interaction of Theatre and Public Life"

3. Margaret Pappano, Columbia University
"Priests at an Execution: The Theatrical Arts of Dying in the Fifteenth

Session 3
Displaying Power through Performance
Presider: Julie Stone Peters, Columbia University

1. Gordon Kipling, University of California at Los Angeles
"The Royal Entry and the Consecration of the City:
The Antwerp Triumphs of 1549 and 1582"

2. L. Caitlin Jorgensen, Quinnipiac University
"Diversity in Unity: Elizabeth's Coronation Procession"

3. Alejandro Ca=F1eque, New York University
"Performing Power: The Politics of the Viceroy's Body in Colonial Mexico"

Session 4
Orality and the Performance of Narrative
Presider: Julie Crawford, Columbia University

1. Paul Creamer, Columbia University
"Speaking the Truth about Orality"

2. Adrian Tudor, University of Hull
"Performance of, in and by Short Pious Narratives"

3. Marilyn Lawrence, New York University
"Heroine as Composer and Performer in Ysa=FFe le Triste"

BREAK: 3:30-4:00 p.m.


Session 5
Public Theatricality and Gender in Early Modern Europe
Presider: Jean E. Howard, Columbia University

1. Felicity Henderson, Monash University
"'A Bawdy Lecture unto Ladies': Music Speeches at Early Modern Oxford"

2. Allison Levy, Newcomb College, Tulane University
"Funeral Rites/Rights, Sites/Sights, and Sounds in Early Modern Florence"

3. Mary Macklem, University of Pennsylvania
"Public Theatricality and Performance in Late Seventeenth-Century Venice:
Improvisatory Entertainments in St. Mark's Square"

Session 6
Assuming Power through Performance
Presider: Peter Platt, Barnard College

1. Sherri Olson, University of Connecticut
"Performance and Ritual in the Village Court: Drama with a Purpose"

2. Amy Schwarz, The Frick Collection
"Eternal Rome and Cola di Rienzo's Show of Power"

3. Joyce Coleman, Brown University
"Public-Access Patronage: Book-Presentation from the Crowd at a Royal

Session 7
Rituals of Song and Dance
Presider: Anne Prescott, Barnard College

1. David Schiller, University of Georgia
"Music as Representation and Sacrifice in the Coronation of Richard the

2. Bill Engel, Independent Scholar, Nashville, TN
"'Mummeries allso, and Moriskors': Performing Death"

3. Sarah Klitenic, Trinity College, Dublin
"Ritual Chanting in the Renaissance Platonic Academy"

Session 8
Performative Reading
Presider: Paula Loscocco, Barnard College

1. Kathryn A. Duys, University of Chicago
"Performance Through the Eyes of a Medieval Poet: A Guide for the Perplexed"

2. Marlene Villalobos Hennessy, Columbia University
"Penitential Reading and the Ethics of the Manuscript Page:
'The Hours of the Cross' in London B.L. Additional MS 37049"

3. Pamela Sheingorn, The Graduate Center, City University of New York and
Robert Clark, Kansas State University
"Performative Reading:
The Illuminated Manuscripts of Greban's 'Mystère de la Passion' "

RECEPTION: 5:30-7:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m. Minor Latham Playhouse, Milbank Hall
A play produced by four Barnard theatre classes featuring the work of
Barnard and Columbia studnets.

(Program is subject to change.)