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RMA/SMA Study Day, Improvisation
Egham, February 2001

Study Day on Improvisation, Saturday 24 February 2001
Royal Musical Association and Society for Music Analysis
Room 001, Wettons Terrace, Royal Holloway, University of London

09.30-10.00	Coffee and Registration  (Undergraduate Common Room,
	Wettons Terrace, Royal Holloway)

10.00-10.10	Welcome and Introduction to the Study Day
	John Rink (Royal Holloway, University of London)

10.15-11.00	Keynote Paper 1:  Beyond Improvisation
	Nicholas Cook (University of Southampton)

11.00-11.30	'Singing on the Book' and Conventions for Unwritten
	Counterpoint in the Fifteenth Century 
	Margaret Bent (All Souls College, Oxford)

11.30-12.00	Coffee  (Undergraduate Common Room, Wettons Terrace)

12.30-12.45	Keynote Paper 2: 
	Psychological Processes and Aesthetic Principles in Improvisation
	Eric Clarke (University of Sheffield)

12.45-14.15	Lunch (Crossland Suite, Founder's Building)

14.15-14.45	Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Ambiguity of Creation
	and Re-Creation in Performing Roger Redgate's Graffiti
	Stephen Cottrell (University of Middlesex)

14.45-15.30	Keynote Paper 3:  
	'Who knows who's improvising?' Ethnomusicological and Related
	Richard Widdess (School of Oriental and African Studies)

15.30-16.00	Jazz Recipes
	Steve Larson (University of Oregon)

16.00-16.30	Tea  (Undergraduate Common Room, Wettons Terrace)

	to Picture Gallery, Founder's Building

16.45-17.25	Improvised, but not Improvisatory? The Nature of Melodic
	Variation in Central Javanese Gamelan Music
	Marc Perlman (Brown University)

17.30-18.15	Concert of Improvised Music
		Cari Burdett (Royal Academy of Music)