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Music Library Association, 70th Annual Meeting
New York, February 2001

Music Library Association 70th Annual Meeting

The Music Library Association (MLA) will hold its 70th Annual Meeting at
the Grand Hyatt New York in New York City, February 21-25, 2001.  MLA will
be joined by members of the Theatre Library Association, the Dance
Librarians Discussion Group of the ACRL Arts Section and the Congress on
Research in Dance.  The opening plenary session, titled "Documenting the
Present for the Future," will be held in the Bartos Forum of the
Humanities and Social Sciences Library of The New York Public Library.  
Panelists Betty Corwin and Madeline Nichols will describe the film and
videotape documentation of contemporary drama and dance which is part of
the NYPL's Billy Rose Theatre Collection and Jerome Robbins Dance
Division.  Committee and Roundtable programs during the meeting will
encompass all of the performing arts.  Mary E. Edsall, President of the
Congress on Research in Dance, will give a talk on a core collection in
dance.  The second plenary session will focus on the quintcentenary of
music printing.  The four panelists will represent the perspectives of the
composer, performer, publisher and historian.

The MLA Local Arrangements Committee, host of the 70th Annual Meeting, is
planning special tours of the Louis Armstrong House and Archives in
Queens, the Metropolitan Opera Archives, and the archives of the New York
Philharmonic.  Tours of several Broadway theaters will be organized by
members of the Theatre Library Association.  Additionally, there will be
the MLA Organ Crawl and a jazz pub crawl of downtown Manhattan.

The annual meeting will also include a reception hosted by Grove's
Dictionaries, Inc. at the Pierpont Morgan Library, the home of our
country's largest collection of music manuscripts.  A concert and
reception to celebrate the completion of MLA's Plan 2001 will be held at
the new Proschansky Auditorium of the City University Graduate Center.  
Banquet entertainment will include the Bobby Sanabria Afro-Cuban Jazz

For more information about MLA's 70th Annual Meeting, contact Christine
Hoffman by phone at +1-(212) 988-3792, by fax at +1-(212)  327-4044 or
e-mail at  Information is also available on the MLA