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Room For Play: Drama, Theatre, and Performance
Los Angeles, February 2001

Performance Studies (Interdisciplinary)

Room For Play: Drama, Theatre, and Performance
USC, Los Angeles, 23-24 February 2001

The goal of this conference is twofold: (1) to explore textual, social,
cultural, and political implications of drama, theatre, and performance
and (2) to explore theoretical and cultural deployment of the discourse of
drama, theatre, and performance.

We solicit papers in the following areas:

Critical Theory and Performance			Dramatic Literature
Ethnic Drama					Dramatic Theory
History of Theatre				Theatre as Social Space
Dramatic Performance				Cultural Performance
Political Performance				Site-Specific Performance
Los Angeles Theatre and Performance		Textual Performance
Bodily Performance				Performativity
Theatricality					Gesture
Ritual						Dance

"Room" can be both an enclosed space and an in-between space.  In the
first sense of the word, disciplines and terms have traditionally resided
in enclosed domains of marked meaning: drama as the textual/linguistic
organization around certain conventions of story-telling and
representation, theatre as the social space in which drama takes place,
performance as the act of dramatic execution before an audience.  
However, these definitions or marked-off areas of meaning prove unstable
as the terms easily reveal the room between these meanings, as in the
second sense of the word.  Just shifting the terms drama, theatre, and
performance to dramatic, theatrical, and performative leads us past the
previous formulations, reminding us of the latter's currency in various
disciplines: literature, film, anthropology, linguistics, cultural studies
among others.  For the purpose of exploring these multiple valences of
drama, theatre, and performance, the conference will provide a room for
discussion on specific topics as well as room among these topics for
negotiation and play.

The conference will also tap into the resources of the local theatre scene
and hold discussions on Los Angeles Theatre/Performance. Our panels will
include theatre critics from the LA Weekly, playwrights, directors, and
local performers. We also hope to have solo performances by one or more
distinguished performers.

Call for Papers
We encourage paper and panel presentations in both traditional and
non-traditional formats, and from all disciplines, genres, and historical

Please send a one-page abstract by December 1 to:

Robert Rundquist
Department of English
Taper Hall of Humanities
USC, University Park
Los Angeles, CA 90405

Or email abstracts to: (please include abstracts in the
body of the email).