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Crossing the Borders: Theories of Performance in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
Toronto, March 2001

Call for Papers

The Centre for Medieval Studies and the Graduate Centre for the Study of
Drama at the University of Toronto are jointly sponsoring a conference:

'Crossing the borders: theories of performance in the Middle Ages and
the Renaissance'

March 23 and 24

People in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance expressed their ideas about art in
a variety of ways - treatises, sermons, polemics and in the works of art
themselves. Papers are invited on topics related to ways in which artistic
production was theorized in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  Papers dealing with
more than one form of artistic expression (eg drama and music, art and poetry,
drama and art, poetry and music) are particularly welcome. The Conference will
include performances of Hrothsvita's Thais and Tasso's Aminta.

Papers should be 20 minutes in length. Please send a short abstract or
description of your paper to Alexandra Johnston, Victoria College, University of
Toronto, 73 Queen's Park Cresc, Toronto M5S 1K7, Canada
( before 1 January, 2001.