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The Century of Victoria and Verdi
Roanoke, VA, March 2001

for the 21st Annual 
Nineteenth-Century Studies Association Conference
"The Century of Victoria and Verdi"
Roanoke, Virginia, March 22-24, 2001

***Call for proposals extended to October 27, 2000***

2001 marks the centenary of the deaths of two transformative figures of
the Nineteenth Century: Queen Victoria (1819-1901) and Giuseppe Verdi
(1813-1901).  Victoria's long reign (1837-1901) as Queen of Great Britain
and Ireland, and as Empress of India has become synonymous with a host of
attitudes and accomplishments, characteristics and contradictions that
mark much of the 19th century whether in England, its Empire, Europe, or
the Americas.  Verdi's distinguished and prolific career as a composer of
such beloved 19th century operas as Rigoletto (1851), La traviata (1853),
Aida (1871), and Otello (1887) has made his name synonymous with not only
the genre but also with an age of creative exuberance.

We invite a reconsideration of what it meant to be "Victorian," frequently
and reductively identified with convention and restraint, in any part of
the world.  We invite as well a reappraisement of how an "operatic" mode
may have manifested itself in any aspect of nineteenth-century life and
thought.  NCSA calls for papers or panels from multiple disciplines that
consider any aspect of "The Century of Victoria and Verdi," including
Romantic preludes appearing in the early years of the nineteenth century
and Modernist critiques that surfaced as the century ended.  Papers or
panels may consider manifestations, revisions, or rejections of the
"Victorian" and "operatic" modes in literature, music, the visual arts,
theater and the performative, popular amusements, morality, religion,
philosophy, politics, economics, the sciences, social structures and
institutions, life in the country or in the city.

Proposals of one page, single spaced, for twenty-minute papers should be
accompanied by a cover letter and a 1-2 page c. v.  Proposals for a 1 
hour panel should include a cover letter from the panel organizer
indicating format and issues to be discussed, accompanied by a one page
proposal and 1-2 pg. c.v. from each participant.  While conference themes
encourage interdisciplinary inquiry into common issues and topics, NCSA
also encourages the sharing of the best of current research and
scholarship on 19th c. topics, even when less directly linked to a given
year^s conference theme Therefore, proposals on other topics for open
sessions are also welcome.  All material should reach the Program
Director, Professor Marlene Tromp [+1-704-587-6570 for queries], by mail
or e-mail no later than October 27, 2000.  You should include your e-mail
address on all correspondence with the Program Director.  You may e-mail
general queries regarding the conference plans in Roanoke to the Local
Arrangements Director, Professor Andre Spies [], and you
may email paper or session proposals / c.v. only to the Program Director
[]. Decisions will be announced in December 2000. Updates
on the conference can be found on the NCSA website:

Program Director
Professor Marlene Tromp, Department of English, Denison University,
Granville, OH, 43023, USA