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Midwest Graduate Music Consortium
Chicago, March 2001

The following is a call for papers and scores, for the fifth annual
meeting of the Midwest Graduate Music Consortium.


Fifth Annual Meeting
March 30-31, 2001
The University of Chicago

The Midwest Graduate Music Consortium is a joint venture organized by
graduate students from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and the
University of Chicago that allows graduate students and advanced
undergraduates in various fields of music to come together and share ideas
on a vast array of topics.  The 2001 meeting will be held on the campus of
the University of Chicago, and will include paper sessions, a concert of
new music, and a keynote address.


The program committee invites all graduate and advanced undergraduate
students to submit proposals for papers related to music theory, analysis,
ethnomusicology, history, or any other topic concerning the study and
practice of music.  We ask that proposals are typed, double-spaced, and
fall within a 3-5 page limit (from which diagrams and musical examples are
excluded).  The presentation will have to fit into a thirty minute time
slot; therefore, papers should be about twenty minutes in length, allowing
time for a brief introduction and follow-up questions.


The program committee invites all composers currently engaged in graduate
or advanced undergraduate study to submit compositions for consideration
in the programming of a concert of new chamber music which will take place
on Friday, March 30, 2001.  Performances will be given by musicians from
the University of Chicago community, which includes players on all major
instruments.  No restrictions are placed on instrumentation or duration;
however, shorter works for smaller ensembles that do not call for exotic
instruments are more likely to be programmed.  Composers who are able to
provide their own players should indicate this in their cover letters.


Please send five copies of your proposal or score (composers, please see
below), omitting your name (or any other identifying marks), along with a
cover letter providing your name, mailing address(es), telephone
number(s), email address(es), institutional affiliation, and title of the
proposed paper or composition to:

Yonatan Malin, MGMC Program Chair
Department of Music
1010 East 59th Street
Chicago, IL  60637

Proposals must be received with a postmark of no later than January 8,
2001. Composers: Only one of your five copies needs to be a high-quality
bound score.  You may include a recording of the proposed composition, but
this is not required.  Material will be returned to you if you enclose a
pre-paid addressed envelope.

This call for papers, additional information about the Midwest Graduate
Music Consortium, and programs from past conferences are all available on
the MGMC website, at

If you have any questions, please contact Yonatan Malin at the 
address above or via email at