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Houston, March 2001

The Society for the Study of Narrative Literature will hold its 2001
meeting at Rice University in Houston, Texas.  The conference is scheduled
for March 8-11, 2001.  This year's plenary speakers are Barbara Johnson
(English and Comparative Literature, Harvard University); Franco Moretti
(English and Comparative Literature, Standford University); Jose David
Saldivar (Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley); and Richard
Shustherman (Philiosophy, Temple University).

Proposals are welcome on any aspect of narrative in any genre, period,
nationality, discipline, or medium.  Send a 500-word panel or paper
abstract and a one-page vita for each proposed speaker (hard copies only,
please) by October 15, 2000, to:

Helena Michie
Department of English-- MS 30
Rice University
P. O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892	

Address e-mail inquiries to Anne Dayton (  Information
about the Society for the Study of Narrative Literature can be found
at its website,