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Thirteenth Meeting of the Brazilian Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Music (ANPPOM)
Belo Horizonte, Brazil, April 2001


Belo Horizonte, Brazil - 23 to 27 April 2001

** Twenty-First Century Music: Tendencies, Perspectives and Paradigms  **

Amalgamation of traditional areas of music research between themselves and
between other areas of knowledge accelerated in the final decades of the
twentieth century, giving rise to revision of limits, competences,
methodologies and goals even. Hence the need to reconsider paradigms and
discuss perspectives for possible inter-relationships so that scientific
and artistic knowledge, which are fundamental expressions of the new
century's humankind, may follow.

- Lectures 
- Interest Groups
- Papers 
- Concerts
- Meeting of Heads of Programs for Graduate Studies in Music
- ANPPOM General Assembly

Guest Speakers

1. B. Keyes - University of Boston - USA
2. Jean-Jacques Nattiez - Université de Montréal - Canada
3. K. Gfeller - University of Iowa - USA
4. K. Swanwick - University of London - UK
5. Marc Leman - Université Ghent - Belgium


The Brazilian Association for Research and Graduate Studies in Music
(ANPPOM) invites researchers working in all fields of Music to submit
reports of ongoing or concluded research.

Rules for Submission

Submissions should preferably show a clear relationship to this year's
general theme. Researchers from all fields of the musical discipline are
invited to send their contributions to the panel Chair, who will receive
them until 17 November 2000.

Submissions may be written in Portuguese, English, or Spanish.

1. Send papers by e-mail as a Doc or RTF Word for Windows or Word for Mac
attachment to the panel Chair, Fernando Iazzetta, at until
17 November 2000.

2. Submissions should contain the complete paper not in excess of 2000
words or six pages, inclusive of summary, bibliographic references, tables
and graphics.

3. Each submission will include a one-page curriculum of its author(s),
comprising highest academic degree, professional or academic affiliation,
main area of research interest and other relevant information.

4. Submit single spaced texts in 12pt "Times" or "Times Roman".

5. On top of first page please write a. Name of Author(s) b. Professional
or academic affiliation(s) c. Full postal address(es), including e-mail
and fax d. Abstract (under 200 words) e. Up to 6 keywords

6. Submissions should neither have been published not being considered for
publication elsewhere.

7. They will be assessed by a panel of experts indicated by a committee
comprising one specialist in each of the main areas of the musical

8. The panel¹s decisions will be final.

9. Submission not complying with the above rules will not be considered.

10. Submissions will not be returned.

Contact and information
The ANPPOM website:
Panel Chair: