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Byzantine, Medieval & Late Roman Drama
Columbus, OH, April 2001

For the 25th Comparative Drama Conference, to be held at Ohio State
University April 26-28, 2001, I will be organizing at least one panel on
Byzantine, Medieval & Late Roman Drama.

The topic area is intentionally broad, in part because the study of
Byzantine performance practice, sacred and secular, is one with quite a
wide range of possibilities.  By "Byzantine" is meant, initially, the
Eastern Roman Empire based in the capitol of Constantinople, traditionally
dated 330-1453.  But the Eastern Empire's roots extend back to the culture
of Ancient Greece and Rome, and geographically Byzantium's influence --
military, political and/or cultural -- extended from Gibraltar to Siberia,
from England to Ethiopia, and, very likely, beyond.  In addition, this
Christian empire's regular contacts with Muslim and Western culture
ensured a long, fertile period of debates on issues of liturgical
practice, aesthetics, drama and performance that all bear closer scrutiny.

Possible topic areas are myriad, but aside from more traditional inquiry
can also include comparative analyses of religious ritual/liturgy from the
standpoint of the drama; issues of dramatic structure, orality and/or
performativity in sacred text; the drama in Egypt and North Africa;
Islamic vs. Christian concepts of drama; dramatic structure in
hymnography; and music and the drama.

In the spirit of the original CFP for the Comparative Drama Conference you
may have already received, I would like to reiterate that for this panel,
"Papers may be comparative across disciplines, periods or nationalities,
may deal with any issue in dramatic theory and criticism, or any method of
historiography, translation, or production."

Questions are more than welcome, and depending on the response we may have
more than one session.  I would appreciate it if abstracts could be
submitted to me by November 1.

Many thanks,
Andrew Walker White
Department of Theatre
University of Maryland, College Park

mailing address:
2026 N. Vermont Street #301
Arlington, VA  22207