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Music & Power, British Forum for Ethnomusicology, Annual Conference
London, April 2001

Provisional Schedule

British Forum for Ethnomusicology, Annual Conference, in association with
the Department of Performing Arts, Brunel University

Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd April 2001

Brunel University, Twickenham Campus, 300 St Margaret's Road, Twickenham,
TW1 1PT (nearest tube station: Richmond ; nearest overland rail:
Richmond/St.Margaret's; H37 Bus from Richmond or Hounslow East).



1.00 pm onwards    Registration (Sheridan Building)

1.00 pm BFE Committee Meeting (Sheridan Pavilion)

2.00 pm Welcoming Address (Sheridan Pavilion)

Session 1:      Music, Ideology and Power (Sheridan Pavilion)

2.15 pm Dancing for the Eternal President.
                Keith Howard (SOAS)

2.45 pm The Power to Influence the Minds - German Folk Music During the
Nazi Era.
                Britta Sweers  (Bertelsmann Online/Hamburg University)

3.15 pm Greek Music Policy Under the Dictatorship of General Metaxas
(1936- 1941).
                Risto Pekka Pennanen (Musikwiss. Seminar der Georg-August-

3.45 pm Tea/Coffee

Session 2:      Race, Ethnicity and Power (Sheridan Pavilion)

4.15 pm Power Needs Names: The Oppression of Mexico's Indigenous Peoples
Within Mechanisms of "Folklore", examined through the Viejitos Dance, from
                Ruth Hellier (Birmingham Conservatoire)

4.45 pm Exhibiting Choralism at the Cape Colony, or "Africans on Stage" -
A Second Take.
                Grant Olwage (Rhodes University, South Africa)

5.15 pm Rapping in Whiteface: Eminem, the Construction of Blackness and
the Hyping of Hip Hop.
                Deirdre O'Leary (City University of New York)

6.15 pm Keynote Speaker I: Professor Adam Kuper (Brunel University)
                The Power of Culture and the Culture of Power.
                (Sheridan Pavilion)

7.30 pm Dinner (Refectory)

Session 3:      Networks of Power: Globalisation - Economics - Technology -
Tourism (Sheridan Pavilion)

8.45 pm Level-Playing or Devil-Paying? - Intellectual Property Rights, the
Music Industry and Developing Countries from an Actor-Network-Theory
                Kwela Sabine Hermanns (University of Westminster)

9.15 pm Pro Tools on the Periphery: Digital Audio, the Internet and
Musical Empowerment in Rio de Janeiro.
                Frederick Moehn (New York University)

9.45 pm Mento and Jamaican Calypso: Tourism, Repertory and Power.
                Daniel Neely (New York University)


8.00 am Breakfast (Refectory)

9.00 am Book display open all day Saturday - Sheridan SH0/37.

Parallel Sessions

Session 4       Multi-Cultural Britain and the Play of Identities (joint
Session with the "British Braids" Conference - Lecture Theatre)

9.30 am An India out of India? The Role of Bhangra Music in the
Construction of British-Asian Identities.
                Hannah Hughes (University of Durham)

10 am Multiculture, Town and Country: Re-locating British Music
                Andrew Blake (King Alfred's College, Winchester)

10.30 am Power through the People : The Manx Music Festival.
                Amanda Griffin (University of Durham)

Session 5:      Resistance, Subversion and Empowerment - Gender/Race
(Sheridan Pavilion)

9.30 am Like the Rings of a Tree: Layers of Meaning in Shared Protest
Songs of the Abolition, Woman Suffrage, and Labor Union Movements in the
USA, c.1850-1920.
                Annie Janeiro Randall (Bucknell University, Pennsylvania)

10 am There's Nobody Allow'd to Say I Sing but an Eunuch or an Italian."
John Gay's Beggar's Opera: The Reclamation of English Manhood?
                Julie Donovan (George Washington University)

10.30 am Satire, Protest and Black Music - Oral History Case Studies from
the Caribbean and the USA.
                John Cowley (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

11am Tea/Coffee (Sheridan Building) - Poster Presentations in SH0/37 and

Session 6:      Gender, Power and Music (Sheridan Pavilion)

11.30 am Musical Instruments as Powerful Ritual and Sacred Artefacts: an
Exploration with Reference to Gender.
                Veronica Doubleday (University of Brighton)

12 noon "I was born to make you happy": Sex, Power and the Multi-Media
Musical Experience.
                Jill Halstead (University of Westminster)

12.30 pm        Helen Reddington (University of Westminster)

Session 7:      Area Focus I - Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina (Sheridan

11.30 am Underground Clubbing in Nineties' Belgrade.
                Milan Todorovic (Buckinghamshire Chilterns University

12 noon The Power of Recently Revitalized Serbian Rural Folk Music in
Urban Surroundings.
                Jelena Jovanovic (Belgrade Institute of Musicology)

12.30 pm Power Relations of Technology and Space: Territory, Property,
Surveillance and Listening in Britain and Bosnia and Hercegovina.
                Bennett Hogg (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

1 pm            Lunch (Refectory)

Session 8:      Area Focus II - The Middle East and North Africa (Sheridan

2 pm Afghanistan: Islam, Music and the Taliban.
                Jan van Belle (Netherlands)

2.30 pm Syria Under Hafez al-Asad: A Modern Case of Absolute Musical
                Nancy Elizabeth Currey (University of California, Santa

3 pm Algerian Rai: Between Love and Hate.
                Anne Helle Jespersen (University of Durham)

Session 9: Coercion, Ideology and Control (Sheridan TBA)

2 pm Music and Political Power: Xian Xing-Hai's "Yellow River Cantata".
                Hon-Lun Yang (Hong Kong Baptist University)

2.30 pm Constanza e Fortezza - Ideology and Metaphor.
                Reinhard Strohm (Oxford University)

3 pm Music and Power at the Court of Louis XIV: Les Plaisirs de L'ile
                David B. Chae (University of Chicago)

3.30 pm Tea/Coffee (Sheridan Building) - Poster Presentations in SH0/37
and SH0/

4 -5.30 pm      Roundtable Discussion Session
                Ethnomusicology and Power: Control, Authority, "Ownership"
and Empowerment
                Panel Speakers: John Baily, Janet Topp-Fargion, Tina
                (Sheridan Pavilion)

6 pm            Keynote Speaker II: Professor Gage Averill (New York
                (Sheridan Pavilion)

7.30 pm Dinner (Refectory)

9 pm till late Party, opened by the Brunel Jazz Ensemble (TBA), Bring your
own instruments and join in! SUNDAY APRIL 22nd

8 am            Breakfast (Refectory)

Session 10:     Resistance, Subversion and Empowerment - Popular Music
(Sheridan Pavilion)

9.30 am Pop Music as the Uncomfortable Conscience in Political Change in
Spain after Franco.
                Hector Fouce (Universidad Complutense de Madrid/IASPM

10 am The Political Implications of MDMA and Repetitive Beats.
                Frederic Vandenberghe (Brunel University)

10.30 am Fighting for the Right (to) Party? Discursive Negotiations of
Power in Pre-Unification East German Popular Music.
                Edward Larkey (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

11 am           Tea/Coffee (Sheridan Building)

Session 11:     Order/Disorder; Ritual, Healing (Sheridan Pavilion)

11.30 am "Why do Whales and Children Sing?": Acoustic Ecology and the
Soundscapes of David Dunn.
                David Ingram (Brunel University)

12 noon The Place of the Ruwatan Ceremony in Indonesia Today.
                Eddy Pursubaryanto (Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta)

12.30 pm Power and Subversion: Ontologies of Music from the Bolivian
                Henry Stobart (Royal Holloway College, University of

1 pm            Lunch (Refectory)

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