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Fifth Annual Schuylkill Conference: Liberal Arts in Transition
Philadelphia, April 2001

 5th Annual Schuylkill Interdisciplinary Conference:
 "The Liberal Arts in Transition: Harmony and Discord Across
 Location: Temple University, Tuttleman Learning Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA
 Date:  Saturday, April 7, 2001.
 Deadline for Proposals: February 1, 2001.

As we in academia march dutifully into the new millennium, the boundaries that
once divided our areas of study have begun to fade noticeably.  Universities
frequently conflate once-separate History, Literature, and Philosophy courses into
semester-long seminars in "The Humanities."  English departments have co-opted
numerous other disciplines, including psychology, sociology, linguistics, and
ecology; some claim English departments have even abandoned literature.  This
conference will address both the problems and benefits of blurring the boundaries
among the liberal arts.  The liberal arts have much to offer each other, but at
what cost?
Papers and panels illuminating any aspect of this theme are invited to be
delivered at the fifth annual conference of Schuylkill, a scholarly organization
dedicated to bringing together graduate students from a variety of regional
institutions and departments. (Presenters from as far a field as Princeton,
Rutgers, UMass, CUNY, Pittsburgh, Louisiana State, and NYU have participated with
Temple grad students at previous Schuylkill conferences; departments have included
Dance, Philosophy, Religion, Anthropology, Theatre, Education, as well as
Possible areas of inquiry include:
 	The "vanishing" text
 	Pedagogical approaches to the liberal arts
 	Pop culture and artistic expression
 	Differing approaches to race, gender, class and nation among the
       	 liberal arts
 	The relationship between "hard science" and the liberal arts
The conference will take place on Saturday, April 7, 2001 at Temple University's
Tuttleman Learning Center. Registration and admission are free for conference
participants and the general public.
Email abstracts (maximum 500 words, double-spaced) to:
Mail abstracts to:
 	Attn: Conference Proposal
 	Anderson Hall, 10th Floor
 	Temple University
 	Philadelphia, PA 19122
For more information, see the Schuylkill web site:
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