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Victorian Endings
Chicago, April 2001

theme chosen for the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Midwest Victorian
Studies Association, to be held in Chicago, April 20-21, 2001.  This is,
of course, an appropriate theme to mark the centenary of Queen Victoria's
death, the event which is arguably the most significant of Victorian

While this call for papers certainly invites proposals which deal in some
way with Victoria's death and the end of the reign, the MVSA's conference
program committee also encourages proposed papers which will treat other
kinds of endings, loss, and change.  Topics such as the passing of rural
life and its values, attitudes toward dying, wills and final testaments,
the close of political careers, loss of faith, divorce, the dissolution of
friendships and other personal or professional relationships, endings in
fiction, musical endings, personal or corporate bankruptcy, the fading of
fashions, the waning of social or political movements, the deaths of other
eminent Victorians--all of these and many other applications of the
conference theme would be appropriate.  The conference program should
reflect, finally, the fact that interest in and treatment of endings of
various kinds is recurrent throughout the Victorian period (and throughout
Victorian studies), and is not just a matter of concern with the death of
the Queen.

MVSA is an association of scholars representing a range of disciplinary
interests in the culture of Victorian Britain.  Therefore, proposals from
all fields are most welcome.  Particularly encouraged are proposals which
have multidisciplinary aspects or which have broad appeal across the
disciplines.  Proposals for panels will be considered, provided that
abstracts from all panelists are submitted together.  Panel proposals
which offer the perspectives of two or more disciplines are especially

Proposals may be submitted by post, fax, or e-mail.  The deadline for
submissions is November 1, 2000.  All proposals--which should be no more
than two double-spaced pages--as well as inquiries about this conference
or MVSA membership, should be directed to:

Robert Koepp
MVSA Executive Secretary
English Department
Illinois College
Jacksonville, IL  62650
fax:     +1-(217) 245-3365