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Canadian Association of Slavists
Quebec City, May 2001

Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of Slavists (CAS): Friday 25, Saturday 26, and Sunday 27 May 2001 Université Laval / Laval University, Quebec Deadline for Proposals: Monday, February 12, 2001
Dear Colleagues and Students, In the year 2001 the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada will be held in Quebec City, at the Université Laval, on 23-30 May. The themes of the congress are: (a) The Role of the Intellectual in Society; (b) Language, Culture and Community; and (c) Plagues and Viruses. The annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Slavists has been scheduled for the 25, 26 and 27 of May. We invite you to submit proposals devoted to the above themes and also to the wide range of disciplines subsumed under Slavic Studies (e.g., Anthropology, the Arts, History, Language, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Political Science, Study of Religion, Sociology, etc.) Panels and Papers must be submitted on a formal Proposal Form which will be available in four formats: (1) Web-based online form, which will soon be posted on the site of *Canadian Slavonic Papers* (2) E-mail, which will be e-mailed to all CAS members in good standing who have an e-mail address. (3) PDF, a downloadable file, which you can print, fill out, and send via snail mail. It will be available at the *Canadian Slavonic Papers* site. (4) Hard copy, which will appear in the November issue of the CAS Newsletter. Electronic submissions are preferred. We encourage you to submit, whenever possible, complete panel proposals. Paper Proposal Forms should be sent directly to: Professor Allan Reid, Chair CAS Programme Committee, Dep't of Culture and Language Studies University of New Brunswick P.O. Box 4400 Fredericton, N.B., Canada E3B 5A3 e-mail: fax: +1-(506) 447-3166 All proposals must include a fifty-word resume. Your observance of the deadline (February 12, 2001) will ensure the timely preparation of a preliminary programme, along with the reservation of rooms and appropriate equipment. Many associations will be meeting concurrently with CAS. Competition for space and equipment will be keen. To defray administrative costs of processing LATE submissions, a fee --payable directly to CAS-- will be charged for proposals that arrive after February 12 ($15.00 for panels and $5.00 for individual proposals). No proposals will be accepted after March 23. The *Congress Registration Guide* will be mailed by the Federation to all members of CAS in the beginning of January 2001. I urge you to check whether your name appears listed on the site of *Canadian Slavonic Papers* and to inform Dr. Gust Olson immediately concerning any address changes. Slavists who are not members are very welcome to join CAS. All participants in the CAS meeting, be they presenters or members of the audience, must register. (For purposes of registration at the Congress, the Canadian Association of Slavists is no. 56). The number of registered participants determines the amount of support that the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada lends to CAS. The *Congress Registration Guide* will inform you about registration procedures (by mail, fax, WWW or in person), hotel and dormitory accommodations, and method of payment. The deadline for early registration is April 15. For information about the Federation and regular updates about the congress, visit JOINT SESSIONS The Federation encourages interdisciplinary outreach and will award special funds to associations holding joint sessions. For this reason, we draw your attention to associations whose meeting dates overlap with those of CAS. On May 25: Canadian Association of Eastern Christian Studies (40), Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric (111), Canadian Society for Hermeneutics and Postmodern thought (233), Canadian Society of Church History (9), Consortium for Computing in the Humanities (255), Canadian Catholic Historical Association (8). On May 25 and 26: Canadian Association of Hispanists (24), Canadian University Music Society (41), Canadian Philosophical Association (47), Canadian Society for the Study of Religion (50), Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (6), Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (25), Canadian Comparative Literature Association (38), Canadian Society of Patristic Studies (45), Canadian Theological Society (65), Canadian Semiotic Association (81), Canadian Society for Aesthetics (231), Canadian Association for Translation Studies (240), Canadian Society of Medievalists (249). On May 25, 26 and 27: Canadian Linguistic Association (37), Canadian Lesbian and Gay Studies Association (268), Canadian Historical Association (26), Canadian Women's Studies Association (96), Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics (53). On May 26 and 27: Folklore Studies Association of Canada (20), Film Studies Association (242). On May 27: Canadian Association of Learned Journals (98), Canadian Evangelical Theological Association (246), Canadian Political Science Association (48), Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (225), Environmental Studies Association of Canada (259), Society for Socialist Studies (58), Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association (59), Canadian Asian Studies Association (74), Bibliographical Society of Canada (238). /////// We look forward to your proposals! Natalia Pylypiuk, President Canadian Association of Slavists