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The Irish and Anglo-Saxons on the Continent, 550-800
Kalamazoo, May 2001


"The Irish and Anglo-Saxons on the Continent, 550-800"

This is an invitation to submit papers for a session of the 36th
International Congress on Medieval Studies, sponsored and organized by
The Heroic Age journal.  The subject matter may deal specifically with
Irish and Anglo-Saxons on the Continent in Late Antiquity and the
Early Middle Ages.   Contributions are sought from the fields of
archaeology, history, literature, linguistics, art history, religion,
music, and folklore. Research articles, essays, and biographies are all

Topics may include but by no means are limited to:
* Bede's accounts of Irish and Anglo-Saxons on the Continent
* Relations between the Continent and Ireland or England
* Theological differences between Anglo-Saxons and Irish and their
  acceptance on the Continent
* Specific points of interaction
* The events of specific personages, such as Columbanus, Boniface,
  Alcuin, and others.

The papers presented may be included in a future issue of the Heroic
Age.  The URL for the Heroic Age is
The URL for the 36th Congress and the Heroic Age is

Abstracts should be submitted to:

L. J. Swain
836 W. Vine
Kalamazoo, MI  49008

Phone:  +1-616-388-8168

Abstracts should be submitted by September 15 in order to make the
October deadline imposed by the Congress committee.  Abstracts may be
submitted in print form via traditional mail or via email at the above