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Representations of the "Medieval" on the Early Modern Stage
Kalamazoo, May 2001

Call for Papers 2001 Thirty-Sixth International Congress on Medieval Studies Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, Michigan 3-6 May 2001 "Representations of the 'Medieval' on the Early Modern Stage"
The International Congress on Medieval Studies invites submissions for a Special Session on medieval and early modern drama. The session seeks to bridge considerations of both periods by examining the ways in which early modern dramatists--whether English or otherwise--conceived of and staged aspects of the medieval world. Submissions might address, but are certainly not limited to, the following questions: In what ways did early modern dramatists use and adapt their knowledge of medieval culture? What kinds of social, cultural, and/or economic forces shaped the representation of medievalism on the early modern stage? What motivated dramatists to use medieval materials in their plays? What are the problems of tracing continuities between medieval and early modern stage practices? How did itinerant troupes of players continue and/or adapt medieval dramatic traditions during the early modern period? How might Jacobean masques be read in relation to earlier household or great hall drama? What material and/or theoretical issues impede investigations into these questions and areas? HARD COPIES OF ABSTRACTS or PREFERABLY COMPLETED PAPERS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 1 SEPTEMBER 2000. Abstracts or papers submitted after the deadline cannot be considered. Please send all submissions and inquiries to: Jonathan Walker Department of English (M/C 162) University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago, Illinois 60607 USA