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Victorian Studies and Interdisciplinarity
Quebec, May 2001

For a Victorian Studies panel at the 2001 Humanities and Social Sciences
Congress at Laval University (Quebec) May 23-30, 2001:

The Victorian Studies Association of Ontario (VSAO) and the Association of
Canadian College and University Teachers of English (ACCUTE) invite papers
for a jointly sponsored session on Victorian Studies and
Interdisciplinarity (open to all members of the VSAO and ACCUTE). Speakers
may address such topics as "literature and science," "literature and the
visual arts," "literature and history," and "literature and philosophy,"
using specific Victorian texts/representations to explore issues relating
to disciplinary border crossing, and being very precise about their use of
these convenient but ambiguous terms.  The boundaries for many of these
disciplines were not as distinct in the Victorian period as they are
today, or were in formation; how, then, ought contemporary Victorian
scholars treat issues relating to medium, genre, and training/expertise?

Proposals should be 300-500 words in length, and should clearly indicate
the originality or scholarly significance of the proposed paper, the line
of argument, the principal texts the paper will speak to, and the relation
of the paper to existing scholarship on the topic.  Completed papers
should fulfill these criteria, and should be no longer than 12-13
double-spaced pages.

Please email your paper or proposal, 100-word abstract, and 50-word
bio-bibliographical sketch, and also mail or fax three hard copies of
paper or proposal, accompanied by three copies of abstract and
bio-bibliographical sketch, by 15 November, 2000, to:

Professor Lorraine Janzen Kooistra
VSAO President
Department of English
Nipissing University
100 College Drive, P.O. Box 5002
North Bay, Ontario
Canada P1B 8L7
FAX:  +1-705-474-1947
Tel.: +1-705-474-3461