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Gothic Cults and Gothic Cultures
Vancouver, June 2001

IGA CONFERENCE, June 14-17th, 2001

We invite submission of papers and panels for the next conference of the
International Gothic Association.  The conference is to be hosted by the
Department of English, Simon Fraser University at the SFU Harbour Centre
Campus, Vancouver Canada on June 14-17th, 2001.

The conference theme, "'Gothic Cults & Gothic Cultures,"  reflects a
growing interdisciplinary interest in gothic studies.  We seek panels |and
papers by specialists in diverse literary areas and periods as well as
other relevant disciplines.  The SFU Print Culture program and the SFU
School of Criminology, for instance, have already proposed panels. Our
title implies engagement with the dialectic in literary scholarship
between margins and centres, genres and anti-genres, canons and
anti-canons, and similar divisions within other perspectives:  Cults can
be seen as marginal, unstable, involved in alternative readings of
traditions;  cultures tend to myths of stability, are hegemonic, centrist,
canonical, and tradition-making.  We invite current work by scholars
exploring the role of the Gothic in the frictions between cults and
cultures as they construct and deconstruct canonicity, legitimacy, and

In light of this conference theme, we are calling for papers and panels in
such areas as:  Gothic domestic fiction; Conspiracy fiction; Gothic cults;
Gothic crime and punishment, The Criminology of the Gothic; Gothic
material culture; Gothic technologies; Gothic degeneration & Gothic
dystopian visions; Influences of Darwin on the Gothic;  Modern gothic
cults & culture(s); the gothic in Film; Cult of the gothic hero and
anti-hero (heroine, anti-heroine); Gothic art & artists; Gothic music;
Canadian Gothic; Cults of Gothic Naturalism & the Supernatural.

Please send panel proposals, or paper abstracts (full paper preferred), to
the following address.  Our deadline is Dec 15th, 2000.

John Whatley
Local IGA Conference Committee,
C/O Department of English
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada V5A 1S6
Voice Mail:  +1-(604) 291-4354 - Fax:  +1-(604) 291-5737