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Music without Walls? Music without Instruments?
Leicester, June 2001


Music without Walls? Music without Instruments?

We invite you to participate in this international conference concerning music,
technology and innovation in tomorrow's world

21 - 23 June 2001
De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom

This three-day conference will include papers, musical events, installations,
listening posts, internet stations for interactive music-making, round tables and
a plenary session.

Hosted by the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Group, this conference
investigates both the practical and theoretical aspects of future music-making.
Digital music is now more common than acoustic music. Where is this taking us?
What forms will musical creativity take tomorrow?

There will be a conference proceedings. Selected papers will be published in Vol.
6/2 of Organised Sound. The conference co-ordinators are Leigh Landy and Andrew

You are invited to submit papers, installations, lecture-demonstrations, pieces
and other appropriate submissions.

Areas of interest include:
* Music, technology and innovation 
* Market segmentation 
* New musical instruments, venues, composition and performance protocols 
* Alternative presentation and distribution opportunities
* Soundscape composition and other new forms of sonic art
* And, of course, your choice ... 

We are expecting participants, real and virtual, from around the globe. These will
include musicians and music scholars, visionaries, developers, and community
artists working in cyberspace or a site near you - or any combination of the

Enquiries/Submissions should be sent to:


Prof. Leigh Landy
Music. Technology and Innovation Research Group
Clephan Building
De Montfort University
Leicester LE1 9BH
United Kingdom

Submission instructions
Authors are invited to submit one electronic copy or one typewritten copy of their
abstract(s) before 15 January 2001. Each abstract should be in a typeface no less
than 10 point character size, should be no more than 250 words in length and
should emphasise the area(s) of focus. The submissions will be subjected to a
process of peer review.
Paper proposals should include appropriate remarks concerning
contextualisation. In all cases, beyond the abstract, a list of equipment desires
must be added (that is, equipment the hosts are requested to supply). Submissions
made in electronic form must be compatible with Microsoft Word and should include
the information requested in the right hand column of this page. A submission form
can be found at out website.

All proposals should include the following information:

Proposer's details
First name:
Name of organisation:

Job title:
Preferred mailing address:

Postcode:	Country:
Telephone (daytime):
Home page:
Type of proposal:

Conference Web Site:

Important dates/schedule

15 January 2001 -
Deadline for proposal submissions

15 February 2001 -
Notification of acceptance to be sent

1 May 2001 -
Camera-ready versions required

The core members of the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Group are:

Andrew Hugill
Leigh Landy (Director)
John Richards
Howard Skempton (Visiting Professor)
Barry Truax (Visiting Professor)
John Young