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Opera in Context: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Creation, Performance, and Reception
Iowa City, June 2001

Obermann Fellowships for the Summer 2001
Research Seminar

Opera in Context: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Creation, Performance,
and Reception

Application Deadline: January 29, 2001

This interdisciplinary research seminar will focus on the relationship
between opera and the social worlds in which, and for which, it was
created. Scholars will address the ways in which individual operas or
operatic traditions have shaped, and been shaped by, their publics and the
cultural and political circumstances in which they existed. New approaches
to opera and new problems in opera studies are particularly encouraged.

A principal aim of the seminar will be to bring together scholars drawn
from several different disciplines, for example: classics, dance, history,
literary studies, musicology, and theater arts. Topics to be addressed
might include anything that falls under the following categories:
intersections of stage representation and social contexts, transformations
of single works for different venues and audiences, operatic works that
spawn or respond to other operatic or non-operatic works, performance
practices that can be understood as integral to operatic works rather than
incidental to them, the politics of opera on film, and reception issues.

Up to ten fellows to be selected, $2000 stipends, plus $500 for
travel/housing expenses for visiting scholars

     Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or comparable professional degree. 
     Applicants should be ready to produce original, previously unpublished
     work for publication in a volume and to participate in sessions
     devoted to readings, individual papers, invited lectures, and special
     events.  Participants will be chosen in part to provide sufficient
     range for a published collection of essays. Some fellowships are
     reserved for University of Iowa scholars. 

Directors: Roberta M. Marvin, Associate Professor and Head of Musicology;
and Downing A. Thomas, Associate Professor of French and Chair, Department
of French and Italian

Time: June 11-27, 2001

Place: The University of Iowa Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, Iowa
City, Iowa

Services: Offices, personal computers, internet access, library service,
technical support, copying, meeting rooms.

Objectives: Discussions of readings and submitted papers, presentations by
keynote speakers; revision of the papers for a published book.

Deadline: January 29, 2001, including CV and a paper or prospectus.
Notification by late February.

Application form and guidelines available at
(click on Obermann Summer Research Seminars and look for Summer 2001).
Applications should be sent to the address given on the form.

Roberta M. Marvin
Associate Professor of Music
Head of Musicology
University of Iowa
School of Music
Iowa City, Iowa 52242
tel. +1-319-335-1621
fax  +1-319-335-2637