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Romanticism and Europe
Newcastle, June 2001

British Association for Romantic Studies
at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Department of English Literary and Linguistic Studies,
Tuesday 26th June 2001

Postgraduate Conference: Romanticism and Europe

This year's postgraduate conference aims to bring together a range of
literary, aesthetic, philosophical, political, and social discourses in
Europe that redefined cultural consciousness during the Romantic Era.  It
is hoped that the conference will include as wide a variety of papers and
topics as possible, and proposals for special sessions on a particular
author or theme will also be considered.

300 word abstracts for 20-minute papers are welcomed on the following, or
related, themes.


gendered experiences of travel; observation, spectacle and cultural
difference for the travel writer; travel and the sublime; narrating
culture and self-representation of the traveller; genres of travel
writing; The Grand Tour; exile; expatriate society and 'the English
abroad'; England as a traveller's destination

National Identity and Cultural Memory

the emergence of nationalism; theories of language, race and civilisation;
literature, landscape and location; representations of the past -
idealisations and reconstructions; antiquity and modernity in Romantic
consciousness; the legacy of Romanticism for future generations

Intellectual Relations and Traditions

the influence of German philosophical thought on Romantic representations;
scientific and empirical discourses; the influence of French Enlightenment
thought in Europe and in England; intellectual relations between European
states; Anglo-European relations; historiography of nations, and of the

Europe /Other

cross-cultural discourses between Europe and the East/ Europe and the
Americas / Europe and colonised territories; representations of European
revolutions and political crises; France, Turkey, Greece, Italy and other
sites of international tension; national conflicts; the struggle for
national self-determination in Europe

This year's panel session is entitled

Editorial Interventions /Scholarly Endeavours: Manuscripts, Archives, and
Approaches to Textual Editing.

Chair: Claire Lamont. Guest Speakers: Pamela Clemit, Emma
Clery, Simon Kövesi and Francesco Rognoni.

For further details and registration enquiries, please contact

Rachel Woolley
Department of English Literary and Linguistic Studies
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
King's Walk
Newcastle Upon Tyne


Deadline for receipt of abstracts: March 30th 2001.