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Romantic Nationalisms 1750-1850
London, June/July 2001

28 June-1 July 2001


A major inter-disciplinary and international conference to be held at the
University of Surrey Roehampton, London, England


Keynote Speakers:

James Chandler, Katie Trumpener, Craig Calhoun, Marilyn Butler, Tom Nairn,
Martin Thom, Cairns Craig

The aim of the conference is to take stock of the cultural impact of
national ideologies and movements from the mid eighteenth century onwards.  
The continuing importance of nationalism as an agent of social and
cultural change is self-evident.  The conference will take a new look at
the emergence of nationalist discourses in the Enlightenment, Romantic and
post-Romantic periods.  Why did national identity exert such a powerful
hold over the political imagination, and why has it continued to shape so
many of our political and cultural agendas?

                           Topics to include:

                 * nationalism as a "Romantic" discourse
                       * revolutionary nationalism
              * nationalism in Britain, Europe and America
                 * national and sub-national literatures
                  * the legacy of Romantic nationalism
           * memorialism, commemoration, spectacle and ritual
                     * nationalism, race and gender

Please send a 200-word abstract of a 25-minute paper with a brief c.v. to:

Romantic Nationalisms Conference, c/o Dr. Ian Haywood or Simon Edwards,
School of English, University of Surrey Roehampton, Roehampton Lane,
London SW15 5PH, England

Telephone: (44) 020 8392 3362; fax: (44) 020 8392 3146; email:

Deadline for submission of proposals: 15 December 2000

Further details can be found on our web site:


We aim to attract speakers and participants from Europe, North America and
a range of other countries around the world.  Those scholars who intend to
visit Britain in the summer of 2001 may want to note that the biennial
conference of the British Association of Romantic Studies will be held in
England in August 2001.  In addition to a full conference programme we
hope to arrange a visit to a site of relevant historical interest, and to
host an evening of musical entertainment.

For further enquiries please contact the conference organisers at the
above address.