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International Summer Institute for Semiotic and Structural Studies
Imatra, Finland, June 2001



held in Imatra, Finland, June 10-15, 2001


This is an announcement for research course and International Summer
Institute for Semiotic and Structural Studies. The meetings will be
organised by the International Semiotics Institute at Imatra and open to
any semiotician interested in the topics. Director of the Summer institute
and ISI: Prof. Eero Tarasti, University of Helsinki.

Seventh International Congress on Musical Signification (ICMS7)

Before Summer Institute 	Seventh International Congress on Musical
Signification (ICMS7) will he held at the International Semiotics
Institute, Imatra, Finland June 7-10, 2001

The main theme of ICMS7 is Mnsic and The Arts. The congress is intended
for all scholars working in the field of musical semiotics, with semiotics
understood in the broadest sense of the term. In addition to members of
the Musical Signification Project, the congress is open to all other
scholars who wish to attend and / or to present a paper on the main theme
or on a related topic.

Participation fees (to he paid at the congress) USD 80; students USD 40
Director of the congress: Eero Tarasti
Honorary Board: Daniel Charles, Márta Grabocz, Rohert S. Hatten, Leonard
B. Meyer, Costin Miereanu, Raymond Monelle, Jean-Jacques Nattiez, Charles
Rosen, Gino Stefani and Bernard Vecchione
More information: Department of Musicology, P.O. Box 35, Vironkatu 1,
00014 University of Helsinki, Finland,,,


Time and Congress/Seminar site:
June 10-15, 2001, Hotel Valtionhotelli, an art nouveau castle in Imatra,
Eastern Finland (near the border of Russia and well-known for its tourist


1) Semiotics of Nature, June 13-14
Directors: Claus Emmeche (Copenhagen), Kalevi Kull (Tartu),
Winfried Nöth (Kassel, São Paulo), Osmo Kuusi (Helsinki)

2) Semiotics of Translation
Directors: Dinda Gorlée (Innsbruck), Pirjo Kukkonen (Helsinki), Peeter
Torop (Tartu)

3) Managemeni Semiotics: The Narrated Self in Markets and Organizations,
June 11-12
Director: Henrik Gahmberg (Vaasa), Invited lecturers: Mika Aaltonen
(Helsinki), Saija Katila (Helsinki), Tuomo Peltonen (Turku)

4) Social Semiotics
Directors: Paul Cobley (Guildhall), Anti Randviir (Tartu)

a) A working session : Semiotic Basis of the Everyday Life
	Director: Ivan Mladenov (Sofia)	

5) Psychosemiotics
Directors: Heikki Majava (Imatra), Jaakko Seikkula (Jyväskylä), Jarl
Wahlström (Jyväskylä)

6) Finnish Summer School
Directors: Harri Veivo (BrusseIs), Tomi Huttunen (Helsinki), Henrik
Gahmberg (Vaasa)

Each seminar consists of lectures given by the invited lecturers and
papers given by the participants. The aim of the summer school is to offer
the participants both up-to-date research information and an opportunity
to discuss thoroughly their projects with leading specialists of the
field. Those who present a paper will have 30 min at their disposal. The
working languages of the seminars and congresses are English, French and

Prelimimry program:

June 10	  Opening of the International Summer Institute for Semiotic and
	  Structural Studies, Garden Party

June 11-15	9.00-12.30	Workshop lectures and papers
		12.30		Lunch
		14.00		Workshop lectures and papers
		17.00		Plenary lecture

Conditions of Admission:
There are two categories of attendance:
1) Active: the participant will present a paper
2) Passive: the participant will follow the summer school without
presenting a paper

An active participant must send a short curriculum vitae and a 2-3 page
abstract of his/her paper together with the registration form. These
materials should reach the organizers no later than March 31, 2001.
Abstracts will be published in abstract book and have to be sent both as
an email attachment or saved to diskette and a hard copy.

Participation fee for the whole Summer Institute:
By March 31, 2001 FIM 600 (USD 100), Students FIM 380 (USD 65), Members
FIM 480 (USD 80)
After April 1, 2001 FIM 700 (USD 120), Students FIM 480 (USD 80). Members
FIM 560 (USD 95)
The fee covers course materials and the evening reception on June 10. The
payment must be made before April 3Oth by bank transfer to the ISI bank
account with Leonia bank account number 800018-2071697.

Social programme:
Social programme will include various cultural events such as art
exhibitions, concerts, plays, film sessions and excursions.

Organizers and further information: Maija Rossi (Secretary), International
Semiotics Institute, Imatra Cultural Centre, Virastokatu 1, 55100 Imatra,
Finland, tel. 358-5-681 6639, fax +358-5-681 6628,